Final Thoughts Introduction

In this last chapter I want to cover a couple of topics that don't fit easily into the other chapters. I also want to spotlight an amazing hand that illustrates many of the ideas I've been developing in both Volume I and Volume II.

In addition to regular tournaments with their graduated prize structures, there are now many satellite tournaments, both live and online, which arc designed to qualify players to other events. The endgame of these tournaments poses some unique problems, and hand valuation can change dramatically. Study the examples in the first part of this chapter for some key insights.

When you get close to the money in major events, deal-making becomes commonplace, and can be treacherous for the novice. In the second part of the chapter, I've laid out some rules of thumb that will keep you out of trouble.

The last section covers one of the most interesting sequence of hands in the last couple of years. Watch, learn, and enjoy.

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