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acting quickly

Online poker can let you choose your action in advance by selecting one of the "in-turn" buttons. Whenever, you can, you should use them. If you know you are going to fold no matter what, then select "fold". There is no reason why you shouldn't do this. It speeds up the game and so it makes you more money.

If you have to think, then do it. It's part of poker to have to think before acting. You are usually allowed 15 seconds if you need them, then use them. But try as often as possible to act fast. One of the draw backs of playing more than one table is exactly this. If you can't handle the pace of 2 tables, then only play one.

the chat box

Since online poker is played in front of a computer screen instead of eye to eye, some players feel the urge to badger their opponents when they are angry. A good winning player knows better. Try not to lose your calm and start cursing your opponents. We all take beats and we all give them. It's a lots easier to type "you moron" in a small box than to say it in person. It certainly doesn't mean it's nicer. And if a bad player gives you a beat, try not to curse at him, you will only make him leave. Chances are he'll be replaced by a better player.

There's also a new kind of badgering that's very annoying: pan-handling. Every day at the upper limits some one comes and begs for a buck. "I just took a beat and I need a buck for a tourney, will pay next week". These are simply annoying and when you play the higher limits, you are hit with them every single day. I think online sites should discourage this.

Finally, here's a quick guide to chat words:

  • nh = nice hand
  • gh = good hand
  • vnh = very nice hand
  • lol = laughing out loud
  • lmao = laughing my a** off
  • rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing
  • wtf? = what the f**k?

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