Raising for a Free Card

1. What do poker players tend to do if someone else raised on the previous round?

Check to him.

2. When someone improves on fourth street, what does he usually do?

He often checks, hoping to check-raise.

3. How do you exploit this tendency to check to the raiser?

Raise the flop in late position with a drawing hand, intending to check behind on fourth street if you miss to see the river card for free.

4. In what kind of games is the free card play most effective?

Passive games.

5. As the game gets more aggressive, how must you adjust?

You should become more selective with your free card attempts.

  1. What if you have a strong draw like a flush draw or a quality open-ended straight draw? Should you stop trying for free cards with these draws?
  2. You should not worry about being reraised, or called, and then bet into on the turn.
  3. What draws should you stop trying for free cards with against aggressive players?

Weak draws like bottom pair or a gutshot.

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