The Body Language Project

About The Author

Christopher Philip is the author of this product. This product came as a result of ten years of personal research by the author, and also an in-depth review of 60 plus scientific research journal articles. This product was created by the author to help men learn the art of communication with women and learn their body language. This will help them build their confidence around women and help them also in their relationships and dating life.

About The Product

The "Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction, and Male/ Female Body Language" is a book that offers you a unique view of the body language relating to what I will call the mating dance between the man and the woman during their relationship courting period; this includes the invitations to approach and the approach proper. This book looks at the changes in the body language of the woman's and the occurring reactions when conversing with a man. If the man can learn this and understand it, then it gives him the ability to turn any situation in his favor.

The Body Language Project will help you learn how to identify positive, as well as, negative displays in general. But unlike many other books on this aspect, it doesn't just talk about posture, body leaning, fidgeting and rocking; it provides you with an in-depth knowledge of all you should look out for from head to toe. Which includes, the woman's leg position, her blinking, what she is doing with her toes and fingers, and also the variation and closeness in her eye contact; even how she chews her food while eating.

In this book, you will also learn how body language exchange leads to the creation of the mating dance, whereby if you acquire this knowledge you can use it to know exactly how women around you are feeling. With this book, you will learn how to create that dance, and read every social situation rightly.

You cannot just conclude how a woman feels by just her posture, but majorly by how those postures are directed. This book will teach you how to differentiate between these indicators and know if the woman's interests are directed towards you or another man; saving you the stress and time of meeting ladies aimlessly. With this, you can now approach women that their indicators are directed towards you and waste no time on those who are not available or interested.

In this book, there is also a logical progression that shows you what to look for in a lady to determine her level of interest, and how it changes either positively or negatively. It also shows you what you can read from her body and how you can express your body language so as not to appear threatening but attractive. The picture demonstrations in this book is also an added advantage for you because it demonstrates all that is said in the book and that body language is more realistic than you imagined.

This book is divided into two parts. Part one takes you on an in-depth study of the female body language and how their body reacts to social stimuli. Then part two, which makes the book unique, talks about the male body language and traits of the individual that is capable of provoking particular social reactions, from the woman.

Here is a summary of what you expect to see in the book:

Avoid speaking words that are risky and therefore potentially embarrassing

How to convey that you are confident and worthy of being chased

How to determine the real thoughts and emotions of women which are mostly hidden

The level of attraction and or rejection you can expect at any time

What the women have in mind

Knowing the positions and postures that you can use as a man to arouse the woman's interest

Tips on how to make her feel close to you and how to invade her intimate space

How to find out if the woman is available or interested or not, even without approaching her

How to save you some time with approaches that end up unproductive

How to know when she is ready to kiss or continue to other intimate stages

And so much more

There are also some bonuses attached by the author as you purchase this product. They include:

An eBook guide to assertiveness

EBook of Hefty Guy's guide to being sexy

An eBook on negotiating skills

An eBook on Creating a Positive Self Image

The Guru Guide: Mental and Physical Self Development eBook


  • This book is written from actual research in real-life situations carried out by the author.
  • The conditions and procedures stated in the book are easy to understand and apply
  • It helps you to know when a woman is interested in you and you can make advances
  • It helps you know the woman's body language and can tell when she is interested or not
  • It contains detailed images of situations the author is explaining in the book

Final Thought

Generally, this book is unlike other body language books in the market and the author made sure of that. And more so, he made sure that is was easy to understand and apply all the book talks about. If you are looking for a book to help you know more about women and their body language, then I will recommend this for you.

The Body Language Project
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