Poker Dealer Training

About the creator of the book, Brad:

He is the Creator of Dealer Training and co-founder of the Atlanta Poker Club based in Georgia. He has a lot of experience dealing in some of the best clubs in the entire world with a plethora of cultures in dealing. He is the perfect teacher to show you exactly what kind of training you need to do to become a poker dealer, the best tricks and ways you can be a professional and how to take charge of the table in any kind of situation. 

The book Dealer training:

This book has been created by some of the best dealers in the country, it has collected some great dealers that have lots of experience and talent doing this kind of job for a long time with different people. The reason why this book was created was that the league that brad is in has researched some of the prices to learn. Everyone was shocked because this was so bad. The prices were extremely high and the people did not even care about teaching others, it was a money-laundering scheme. This is why brad has created the academy in order to facilitate the training and learning to become a good dealer that is accepted in major tables all around the world. 

The book is also inspired and collaborated with Tami D, who will show you how Bellagio poker dealers deal poker. The whole game is a lot different than the dealers in the local home games people normally play in. She will show you how to deal with both tournaments and cash games with a focus on the most popular poker game, Texas Holdem. The reason for that is because it is very popular, it can be extremely beneficial, and many people want to play it. It has become a classic.  Tami has trained of brad's academy teachers in the Poker Club so they began working with her to create what became It is the ultimate professional game learning course that will take you from a to z. You can literally learn to play poker while learning to be a better poker dealer. 

You will get ten chapters that have many tips and tricks, each of the chapters has different techniques and ways you can learn, in addition to that, the chapters are consecutive and they connect one another. 

Chapter 1 – Introduction

You will learn the history, the reason why people love poker and how to use the knowledge and power of poker. 

Chapter 2 – Standards

You will learn how to look at anatomy, grips, positions, and techniques used throughout the dealing process.

Chapter 3- Mechanics

Chapter 3 will teach the core basics of dealing such as deck preparation, the shuffles, the dealing, and the showdown. You will also get a chance to learn how to shuffle in a way that is aesthetic but also professional such as the rainbow shuffle. 

Chapter 4 – Techniques

You will learn the different techniques used to take charge of the table and how to control your environment. You will learn the ways you should establish rules to make sure you are the leader and you are the one in control of the table every time. 

Chapter 5 – Responsibilities

You will learn exactly what kind of duties you have as a dealer, you will also be able to read the body language of your players to prevent cheating and be in charge fast. 

Chapter 6 – Dealing Process

This part has a 42 step dealing process. 

Chapter 7 – Practice

You will learn the 10 practice lessons you can do in your spare time or before a night of dealing. This is going to help you make dealing a second nature, it is going to be drilled in your head in a way that you will never forget it. 

Chapter 8 – Employment

You will have a chance to look at some of the ways you will find employment as a dealer, the opportunities you have in the job market as well as some of the quick ways you can get a job.

Chapter 9 – Resources

This chapter had the tools, tips, and tricks used by successful dealers in the world for different games with the Hold ‘Em Rule Book and Glossary. 

Chapter 10 – Conclusion

This will enhance your knowledge of the field and show you how poker will change in the future. 

Why you should get Dealer training:

The reason why you should get this book is that you will see the real world of dealing. There are many secrets and things that people in the dealing and poker industry never share. In addition to that, this program has a very comprehensive way of showing people who do not have a lot of experience how to become a great dealer that has charisma. Everyone that plays with you will have a great time whether they are winning or losing. 

This program has many pictures of the techniques, it is not just about saying and preaching, but it is also about demonstrating how to become a great dealer. This includes pictures of how to shuffle, how to cut, how to manage and how to deal with the chips and cards. It will ingrain the pictures in your head that you will learn the techniques by heart. 


  • Ease of use: This program is so easy to use, it does not leave you in the dark looking for other sources, it gives you exactly what you need with no fillers or unnecessary information.
  • Comprehensive: It is so easy to understand because it gives you ten chapters so you can follow along. Each of the chapters has different steps and routines you can practice at the comfort of your own home. 
  • Beginner-friendly: You do not need to be an expert to learn how to deal. This program takes all of the prior knowledge out and it will teach you how to become a good dealer even if you have never done it in your life.


You should definitely get this book if you are trying to make it in the casino business, it can be your first step in glory. This program will teach you all you need in order to be the best dealer you can be. 

Poker Dealer Training
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