Loose Wiring Explained

My mistake. Those really were the Pot B hands. But it gets weirder. In fact, not only did every single player have exactly the same cards, rank for rank and suit for suit, but both pots had identical flops, turns, and rivers! Talk about a long shot — I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Here's an MCU Poker Chart for Hand B ...

MCU Poker Chart

Game: Hold 'em Structure: $50 and $75 blinds, $75 bets on starting hand and flop, $150 thereafter.












J* 9*


Q* 8*

4—— 4—

J—— TV

8* 6*

K* 2*



► ▲150



► V




► V

= 150*



► V —◄

150 WIN


Chart key: Action reads left to right, top to bottom. Each betting round begins ► with and ends with Other markings and symbols: a (ante); b (blind bet); V (check); = (call); ▲ (raise); -(fold); • (dealer position, a.k.a. "the button"). A seat number surrounded by asterisks (for example, *1*) is your seat. Any wager not preceded by a symbol is a voluntary first bet. Wagers indicate the total invested on a betting round. The money in the rightmost column indicates total pot size after the betting

Those two hands demonstrate Caro's Law of Loose Wiring...

Caro's Law of Loose Wiring

"If choices are not clearly connected to (heir benefits, people usually interact in ways that make outcomes unpredictable. If choices are clearly connected to their benefits, people sometimes act in ways that make outcomes unpredictable."

You see, your poker opponents are volatile beings. They can be impressionable, irritable, playful, capricious, and more. You don't know when they're going to short out, cross-circuit, or do the silliest or the most brilliant things. This goes for all poker players, from the weakest beginners to the most seasoned pros.

The deal is that even when opponents are playing a disciplined game of poker, so many of their decisions are borderline that what they're going to do is anybody's guess. In the example hands, we not only ended up with a different group of main players, we ended up with a different winner. And we ended up with one pot almost $4,000 and one pot under $1,000. And it all makes perfect sense, when you think about it.

One more thing, just so I can really drive home the importance of Caro's Law of Loose Wiring. These were all the same players in the same environment feeling the same emotions up until the moment they acted! All I did was wipe the first pot from their memories and have them play it over again.

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