Some Useful Online Bluffing Tips

On the Internet, you are dealing with names and avatars, not faces. Some of the most powerful cues used in poker are no longer available to us. This psychological part of poker makes for a different type of game on the Internet. For example, there seems to be more bluffing on the Internet compared to live games. Players feel far more anonymous on the Net and are therefore prone to wilder, less cautious moves.

Another reason why players may tend to bluff more online than in a casino is the ease in which you can bluff. Online you just have to click your mouse. In a live game, you have to physically move your chips and stare down your opponents at the table. Chip s are popular in casinos because they remove us emotionally from the concept of real money. Studies have shown that players are more reckless with chips than with real cash. Online, we are even more removed from the idea that this is real money (they are virtual chips) so the average bluffs are larger and more common.

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