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1. SELECT A CASINO. Rule number one. Be a member of no less t han six online casinos so you can rotate and move around from cas ino to casino during play. Select only well-

known casinos with excellent reputations for paying quickly and maintaining industry-

accepted randomizing algorithms (more on this later).

  1. SELECT A BETTING LIMIT. But only if it's $1/2, $2/4 or $5/10 blinds. This section will discuss the research, the math, and the stu dies on human nature that prove conclusively that highstake limit tables are not the place to make money. They are howev er an excellent place to lose large amounts of cash in a big hurry. T he return on investment (ROI) is best at medium limit tables.
  2. SELECT YOUR STAKE. No decision here if your smart. You mu st have 50 to 100 times the Big Blind. Any less and your chances of making money nose dive. More will only improve your table 'cred' and help to intimidate weaker players.
  3. SELECT A TABLE. Spend at least 15 minutes watching the play at each table. Review your notes if recognized players are present. Check out at least three tables before you start. Then select the loos est table. To win at Texas Hold'em Poker you must play tight in lo ose games and play in loose games only. If all the tables are tight, r un. Go back to Step 1.
  4. SELECT A POSITION AT THE TABLE. Watch for the tightest player at the table. Pick a spot to that players left. We have dedica ted an entire chapter later on to table position strategy.
  5. TAKE NOTES ON PLAYERS. Record playing styles. Do they r aise before the flop? Do they fold before the flop? What's the size of their stake? Do they react quickly or slowly when their turn

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