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If you're wondering how safe your money is at an online casino, there are a number of things to consider. Over the past few years there have been a number of cases of winners at online poker casinos being denied payment. Remember, as online gambling is not allowed in the U.S., you have no legal recourse to recover funds. Our advice is to stay with well-established online casinos with an extensive track record and a reputation for paying out winners. We list ten of the largest, best known in this section. All have excellent track records, use well-established software to deliver the gaming experience and offer a wide range of tables to select from.

You will be tempted sometimes by very generous offers of large player bonuses from online casinos you've never heard of. Think about it - if you started a new casino in a very crowded market, how would you get the attention of potential new players?

Our suggestion is to avoid these casinos. What good would it do to win

$10,000 and then find you can never claim the money? There are numerous 'systems' being promoted that suggest you can use these bonuses to multiply your winnings - even play for free. That's nonsense. Bonuses, if they are based on the number of hands, will be returned to the house through the rake. Pick your casino based on play quality and the volume of table options. That's the real key to winning. I often get questions about how fair certain casinos are. One author has written a book claiming that there are dealing errors in one large casino that give players in the know a decided advantage. This writer does not understand the technology behind the card dealing process at reputable online casinos. Electronic games o f all types use random number generator (RNG) software algorithm to determine card outcome, the RNG algorithm is called into play hundreds of times per second. The RNG has approximately 16,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible outcomes and, depending of course on the type of game, there will be billions and billions of outcomes that map into any set of cards. This ensures that all ga me outcomes are completely random. There are no 'hiccups' in the process you can use to beat the virtual dealer. The science of random number generation is well established and impossible to beat.

Here are a number of factors you can use to choose the best online poker room.

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