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The Micon System helps you to undertand tournament strategy. It's truly a one-of-kind, jam-packed poker strategy course. It comes complete with videos and audio lessons. Learn step-by-step how to get maximum value from your poker game! Insider pro strategies that give you a competitive edge! Easy-to-understand yet powerful tactics! Inside you'll discover over 15+ hours of audio and video lessons on proper Bankroll Management, generating consistent profits at Cash Games, dominating Sit and Go Tournaments, and Advanced Tournament Strategies! Multi-table tournaments provides you with the most leverage possible, since the field of players contributing their money to the pot is so large, and the number of players in the money is so limited. When you make it into the money in these tournaments, it really boosts your bankroll and your confidence. I'm going to take you through multi-table tournament strategies the pros use today, soup to nuts. Read more here...

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Establishing Your Poker Player Profile

When it comes to establishing your own poker player profile it is best to be adaptable. The more you change your tactics and strategies when playing, the harder time the other players will have at figuring out what your next move will be. A player who is adaptable is exceptional, as he or she can outwit all of their opponents when the stakes are high. Don't be afraid to fold - The best poker players in the world fold when they know their hand just won't cut it. Folding doesn't make you less of a player, on the contrary it shows that you know how to keep your chips. Don't study and try to outwit only one player - In online poker, most of the people you play against at a table won't be there for long. Therefore, this Being a good poker player is knowing how to think and act for yourself. So trust your instincts, learn to be flexible, and give it all you've got

Chapter Online Poker Vs Bm Poker

Online poker being run by fast servers and programs is probably the biggest difference with brick & mortar poker. In a live game, you probably can expect to receive 30-35 hands per hour. Online, you'll get dealt twice the hands. That's a big difference There's no shuffling and gathering the cards. There's no lengthy split of the pot and no changing of dealers. A great advantage to online poker is you can play more than one table at once. This is simply great. Before you start playing 2 tables, you need to consider the pros and cons. Now I don't know for sure, I'm not associated with any online pokerroom. But when you think about it, even if the dealing was rigged, then it would also be rigged for everyone, and it would all even out for us in the long run. And, if you play 2 tables at once, you can lose pretty fast. The majority of poker players do not note their results. It's quite possible that a player has been loosing for 20 years in live games yet he thinks he's a winning poker...

Online Poker Versus Live Poker

Live poker is NOT the same as online poker. Period. Most poker players start in LIVE games and then move to ONLINE games. and then get CREAMED for all their money. Again and again and again. I've identified seven crucial differences between online and live poker here. start by learning these before learning the more advanced techniques to online poker. The biggest difference is that online poker players are FAR LOOSER than live players. especially at lower stakes. Annie Duke, a terrific player and WSOP champ, knows a lot about online poker. This is what she says Most online poker players look for any excuse to play. They don't notice that you are a tight player. Just play your good starting hands and you will get plenty of action. Don't worry about discussing your play. I wish someone had told me this when I started playing online poker. I would have saved a TON of money. Basically what it boils down to is that it's MUCH harder to bluff online poker players. mostly because they're...

Rule The downfall of poker players as heroes is selfinterest

On the plus side of the ledger, however, poker players get high marks for a few other things for camaraderie, for heart , for possession of a complex and arcane knowledge, for honesty, honor, courage, fearlessness, loyalty, perseverance, patience, composure, and concentration. Also for their unconventionality and their maverick or outsider status. We can't overlook the historic factor, either, the rich tradition of the game played on the Mississippi riverboats and in the Old West. They also have the ability to make a decision (which seems to be a dying art - no poker player ever stood outside his house for an hour saying, Let's see - should I paint it blue or green ) - as well as the ability to make quick decisions under stressful conditions. They also become good at holding two opposing views in their minds at the same time ( I may lose a lot here or I may win a lot ) - something that tends to make the average nonplayer very uncomfortable. Poker players sometimes come as close to...

Chapter Online Poker Tips

One of the really cool things that you can do as an internet poker player is to play multiple sites. It's like living in Las Vegas and getting to choose your casino every day. Whether you play two tables or more or just one, every site has its pros and cons and you should tend to play in sites that offer the best games in your field of expertise. One of the major differences between Brick & Mortar and Online poker is the ability to request hand histories. Every 100 hands you play, simply request them and they will be sent to your email address. Some pokerrooms also let you request them per time played (ex for the last 3 hours). But double-check with them what is the maximum amount of hands they will send. Some sites have a maximum of hand histories they will send even if you have been playing for 4 Some of the online cardrooms offer daily bonuses to their players. For example, at Ultimate Bet, the highest hand of the hour receives a cash prize. And at Party Poker, they have a high...

Review of Online Poker Sites and Poker Informational Sites

Online poker is a new industry and that means changes occur very quickly. There are new online poker sites all the time and informational sites. Instead of listing these sites in this book, I will have a page on with information on online poker sites and poker informational sites. If one is going to play poker or look up informational sites online, one will have to go online anyway, so make a pitstop at to check out current reviews. Looking for the ultimate online poker tool try For online Poker Play at Full Tilt Poker

Holdem Brain Online Poker Copyright by King

In general, online poker needs to be attacked the same way as poker in a brick and mortar casino. In order to play well and win, one always has to adjust to the players and the circumstances. There are differences between the average online player compared to the average brick and mortar player, but those differences are small enough that some logical adjustments should do the trick. In that respect, this section on online poker is specifically aimed at the differences and uniqueness that online poker presents.

Advantages Of Online Poker

Before we turn our attention towards Texas Hold'em and the strategies you can apply to your online poker experiences, it is important that you understand the differences between online and live poker, as well as the advantages of playing online. Now more than ever, people are choosing to take part in online poker instead of going to a casino. One of the major reasons is because visiting an online poker site is far easier and handier than going to a live casino. Imagine, instead of having to travel outside of your home to a busy, noisy casino, you can relax and experience just as much poker enjoyment in the virtual world with a simple click of your mouse. Here are just a few main highlights of the advantages of online poker To further appreciate the advantages of playing online, we'll take a closer look at the differences between live and online poker. Following are some notable distinctions

Classify Your Poker Players

If there is one thing frequent poker playing will teach you, it is that every player thinks differently. Not only that, but there is an incredible difference between the way the poker player on the left thinks to the one on your rig ht. You shou ld never assume that all players act the same, or that you will be able to figure out their strategies only after a few games. Experienced players won't play with straight When you maintain a positive attitude, and have control over your state of mind you will be more open to improvement and won't limit yourself to a one track mind. Online poker psychology is an art that requires you to be flexible and focused at the same time. This art is not one that is easy to come by and takes hours of practice. However, the rewards you will reap after taking the time to develop your own online poker psychology, and learn Hold'em inside and out, will be worth all your blood, sweat and tears.

Other Miscellaneous Notes on Online Poker

If you've been playing online poker for awhile and then go back to teal-game play again, the real game is going to seem much slower. The cards are dealt out slower in real life, it takes longer to split the pots, players call for a setup , various interruptions occur, and so on. Online poker zips along much faster, without any of these interruptions. This disparity could lead to the following phenomena

Online Poker Legal or

Neither of your authors is a lawyer, and the discussion that follows is not legal advice. Every jurisdiction's laws are different, and court rulings can be superseded by later decisions. The information provided here may not apply to your circumstance. If you have any doubt as to whether online poker is legal where you live, seek competent legal advice from a licensed attorney. Online Poker in the United States Is it against the law to play online poker while in the United States The United States federal government would like you to think it is, but the only relevant case was decided against it. The Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana found that the Federal Interstate Wire Act, which outlaws sending or receiving sports bets over a So don't think you can get out of your online poker debts by claiming the credit card companies have no right to collect a gambling debt. As the courts interpret the law, all you're doing with your credit card is taking out a cash...

The Online Poker Approach

Playing poker online is vastly different than playing it live. Players are constantly jumping around from table to table, which means you have to learn how to keep u p with the fast pace online poker environment, forcing you to adopt a different approach than you would if you were playing poker live. So how do you achieve the ideal online poker approach that puts you a step above the average Joe Aside from practice, here are some aspects you should keep in mind and apply to your games

Deception is less useful in online poker

In online poker rooms where many people play, the turnover rate at each table will be pretty high, in fact, this may include you as well. This does not happen in brick and mortar casinos since it is tougher to get into another game, and players are there physically with not much else to do except play poker. This difference in the turnover rate means players should use deception less when playing online. it may be worthwhile to use this strategy occasionally. This strategy translates even less to online poker and should be used even less frequently. When the turnover rate is so high, as it usually is online, it means your opponents will not be as observant. Since they are less observant, on average, this means that deception has less value.

Taking notes is another great strategy in Online Poker

There is nothing wrong or unethical about keeping notes on other players. Some Online Poker rooms even provide a feature that allows you to take notes online while you play. This feature facilitates the building of a database around the playing styles of consistent players. Our advice is to record what kinds of hands they play, how quickly they react, and to record detail on betting and raising behaviour.

Helpful Online Poker Strategy Tools

Did you know that you could be missing out on all the online Hold'em excitement, and a chance at winning the pot simply because you don't know when the odds are in your favor Can you honestly afford to let the other players out do you just because they have this advantag e Of course not, and that's why you need to level the playing field. In short, what many online players have is a poker odds calculator, and that is exactly what you need to improve your online poker play ing a bilities. There are different programs that you can obtain which will allow you to improve upon the value of your online poker experience. The vast majority will require you to fork out some of your hard earned cash but they are powerful tools if you use th e m w ell.

Online Poker Is Taking Over

Poker, particularly Texas Hold 'em, has exploded in popularity over the last three years. You can find Late Night Poker on the air in England, the World Poker Tour on the Travel channel in the United States, and even ESPN, a sports-only network based in the U.S., has expanded its World Series of Poker coverage to include the Razz, Stud, Omaha, and other tournaments in addition to the 10,000 buy-in main event. Dan Goldman, the vice president of marketing for the popular online poker room PokerStars, said in a September 2004 interview that his best guess was that between 50 million and 60 million people worldwide play poker at least once a month. How many people play online poker It's hard to tell, mostly because it's difficult to associate an Internet identity with a person's real name, but online card rooms do note the number of players on their sites. Figure 1.1 shows what that note looks like on PartyPoker. Figure 1.1 Online poker sites like to advertise how busy they are (at least,...

The Most Prestigious Poker Tournaments

I have included below a listing of what I consider the Top 50 poker tournaments in the world. The events that are marked with an asterisk are also part of t he World Poker Tour ( WPT). With the advent of the WPT in 2002, poker tournaments are being taken into the American public's living rooms. P layers who make the final s ix in any of t hese events also make the TV cut. The hole cards are recorded and made i nto a program that plays on the Travel channel and other major networks. The television exposure is nice, but the huge WPT first-place prizes make this one of the most prestigious events ever. Although the World Series of Poker (WSOP) i s s tiil the Holy Grail to us players, the WPT events (the WSOP isn't one of them, yet) are gaining. Look for t he WPT in your home soon

Why Poker Players are Prone to Cheating

Many poker players, including most professionals, do not clearly distinguish between what is honest and what is dishonest in and out of poker. For example, many professional players who day after day, year after year, lie and practice deceit in poker ironically do not grasp the rightness of their poker deception. In fact, many professionals and regular players never grasp the sharp difference between poker deception and cheating. Their ethics, therefore, become hazy and ill-defined. The major barrier in crossing the line from deception to cheating is the fear and threat of being caught. By removing that threat (i.e., by using undetectable Neocheating), many easily slip across that line and begin cheating with fearless ease.

All Kinds of Poker Books

Recently there has been an explosion of poker books hitting the market. You picked this one, and it's a good start. Many excellent poker books have been written in the past decade as well as a few that are really dreadful. Right now there is enough literature to build an entire poker curriculum, just as if we were going to construct a college reading list about poker. Super System A Course in Power Poker, by Doyle Brunson. This is the bible of how-to poker books, covering most games you'll ever want to play. It was written by two-time world champion Brunson, along with selected experts such as Mike Caro, Chip Reese, David Sklansky, and former world champion Bobby Baldwin. In spite of changes in game structure that have occurred over the years, Super System is still the second book in your syllabus. V Tournament Poker, by Tom McEvoy, is probably the best book of its kind. McEvoy won the World Series of Poker in 1983, and has played poker professionally for more than two decades. This...

The Education of a Poker Player

The Education of a Poker Player Herbert Osborne Yardley was born in the small frontier town of Worthington, Indiana, in 1889. Following the death of his mother in 1905 he inherited 200 and, by his own admission, 'thereafter I did pretty much as I pleased'. He began frequenting a poker saloon in Washington even though he was still in high school. Class president, editor of the school paper and football captain, he was nevertheless academically average but had a flair for mathematics. He had ambitions to become a criminal lawyer but the year 1912 found him working instead as a code clerk in the State Department, a job which made full use of his mathematical skills and shrewd poker-player's mind. In 1917 America entered World War I and Yardley persuaded his bosses to let him set up a code-breaking section with a staff of 160. Officially this was called the Cipher Bureau, Military Intelligence 8 more familiarly it became known as the 'Black Chamber'. Some 200,000 messages were decoded,...

How To Think Like A Winning Poker Player

There is a science around the study of body language and human communication called Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP). NLP is both an interesting and valuable area of study to understand. What NLP has shown is that if we can 'mirror' another person who has achieved success in a certain area, we can dramatically speed up our ability to learn the same skills. In a nutshell, if we act exactly like a successful poker player, move, sit, walk, talk, learn to adopt the same thinking styles - we can leap ahead in learning. A pro may have spent 20 years learning the secrets of the game but For the sake of this chapter, I am going to keep this simple. There are dozens of books written on NLP and we are not going to be able to cover all of that ground here. Let's just take a quick look at how great poker players think and try to understand how to be more like them.

Party Poker

Party Poker is now the world's largest online poker room. We have seen over 40,000 players online playing recently and the number is growing every day. The daily average of real money players is around 10,000. Party is presented by the same people that brought you CardPlayer Cruises, including Mike Sexton. They have a big multi-table tournament every year called the Party Poker Million. The rake at this site is stock standard - 5 per cent capped at 3 for medium limit games. For lower limit games, a max of 1 for 1 2 games and 50 cents for 0.5 1 games is taken out of the pot. On high limit games Party Poker offers good value with significantly less than 5 per cent taken out of each pot. One feature missing that we would like to see is the pre-flop. The site does present the

Online Poker Rooms

As of this writing, online poker rooms operate from offshore locations. It is illegal to operate an online casino from within the United States, although the law on this is changing rapidly. Some casinos in Nevada are pressing for laws allowing their United States-based businesses to operate over the Internet. The law on playing in online casinos for real money is unclear. In no manner should this book be construed to offer legal advice on the issue of online gambling. The law in this area is vague and changing. It is your responsibility to know and follow the laws that apply in your state and jurisdiction. Seek appropriate legal advice from a qualified attorney if unsure. It is my opinion that observation of real-money play in online poker rooms and participation in play-money games are valuable activities for learning the structure, mechanics, and strategies of various forms of poker. However, playing for real money in an online venue is a risky activity. It is difficult to know for...

What To Stay On

'What the hell's the difference whether I bet you a buck or a hundred if I think the odds favour my winning Players who can't win at limit poker and imagine they could at table stakes are victims of wishful thinking. A sound poker player can win in any poker game. I turned to Chic- He had several stacks in front of him- 'You must have sold some more dead chickens,' I said in a low voice- Chic was a notoriously poor poker player and when he wasn't taking live chickens to New York he picked them dry at the poultry house for three cents a head-

Issues With Payoff Structures

There's always been a lot of discussion in the poker community about the relatively top-heavy nature of tournament pay structures. Ask a tournament poker player which she prefers, and she'll invariably say something like, Let's keep it like it is, and reward the winner. Some in the poker community are concerned about the perception of impropriety that surrounds deal making. After all, you don't see PGA golfers making deals prior to the final round on Sunday, do you Others in the poker community are of the So what it's our money, isn't it school of thought. And they're right. Poker tournaments don't have sponsors like the PGA tour. Poker players do put their own money at risk, and what's wrong with hedging a risky proposition anyway Professional poker player Mike Sexton, who founded the Poker Tournament of Champions, is a man who would love to see corporate sponsorship of tournament poker. He decided to attack the questions of deal making and top-heavy payout structure head-on.

Enhancing the Game Time environment Poker Tracker Plug Ins

As the number of poker players using Poker Tracker increases, several plug-ins have been created by third-party developers to enhance the interaction between the online poker sites and our Poker Tracker database. These plug-ins act as a bridge between the poker client software (provided by the online poker site) and our hand history database (provided by Poker Tracker). More specifically, the plug-ins pull data from the Poker Tracker database directly onto our online poker table so that our Poker Tracker information is visible at all times.

Is this what you want to do with your life

Once the initial excitement has worn off, you might realize that being I professional poker player isn't really what you want to do with your life. As a career, it certainly has its positive side, but taking a more long-term view, you may find it less than fulfilling. Think about the future. Is this what you want to be doing five or ten years from now work feeling like they at least have achieved something or made a small difference in somebody's life. A poker player will have just redistributed wealth slightly, hopefully in his favor. Whether this will ever be an issue for you naturally depends on what kind of person you are. Some professional poker players play for years without ever worrying about these things. Likewise, some players might wake up one morning questioning what they are giving back to the world. Think hard about whether in ten years' time you will be satisfied with a poker career, or There are solutions to this problem. You could use part of the money you earn to...

Limit Hol de m Tournament Strategy

I still 1 ove poker tournaments, even after playing in more than 900 of them in the 1990s alone I enjoy every one that I play in. The event that really fires me up, t hough, i s t he World Series of Poker ( WSOP). The WSOP is where l egends and champions are made it i s t he poker world's world championship. (Appendix 2 talks about playing i n a WSOP tournament.) is life-changing money, and so it isn't surprising that a lot of poker players covet the money more than the title. I'm not one of them I love the title more than the money The title brings with it a lifetime of recognition and prestige. The winner is forever called a world champion of poker, and his or her picture wiil go up on the Wall o f Champions f or ever ( at both of t he Horseshoe Casinos i n Las Vegas and Tunica, Mississippi). You can see the Wall of Champions at When you win the WSOP, you are no longer j ust a poker player but rather a world champion. This distinction is nice, as my wife found out...

Poker Isnt Like Most Jobs

For one thing, if you're a poker player, you won't have a steady salary coming in. Even commissiioned salespeople don't lose money if they fail to make a sale. But poker players do lose money whenever they have a bad day. It's one of the few jobs where you can go to work and lose money. Imagine that. An entire day of poker under stressful conditions and all you've got to show for it is less money than you started out with. Not a pretty picture, is it Still, people take up poker as a profession every day. Some do so after years of deliberation. A few do it on a whim. Others pursue it as a second career after retirement when they have alternative sources of income to steady the ship in a storm. How successful are they There are no statistics handy but we'd be willing to venture a guess that the majority of newly hatched professional poker players go broke, and probably do so within a year.

Famous bluffs Texas Dolly versus the masked duo

On the quiet evening of April 29th, 1998, Doyle Texas Dolly Brunson returned home after winning a major poker tournament Doyle is a two time winner of the World Championship of Poker. He had 85,000 in uncashed casino chips in his pocket Doyle Brunson may have bluffed many poker players in high-stakes poker games. But he most certainty would agree this was his greatest bluff of all.

Getting Paid and Bonus Hunting

Since it is your own money at stake, it is your duty to make sure the poker site that you play at is trustworthy. You want to be able to expect to get your withdrawal check when you ask for it. With the huge increase in the popularity of poker in the last few years, and especially the huge increase in the popularity of online poker, many entrepreneurs have and will try to capitalize on this relatively new market. It is possible some of these new sites may actually go under, in which case it would be almost impossible for players to get their money out. How would you go about trying to get a few thousand dollars from an entity in one of the Carribean Islands whom you don't even know the actual owners That is one of the dangers of online poker, and it can be scary and very frustrating when the unthinkable happen. Poker players should take a lesson from their sports bettor brethern. The offshore sports betting industry has been around a bit longer than the online poker industry. The...

HovO This Book Is Organized

You can play poker in more places than just the smoky back room of your best friend's house. People are playing poker against computer-generated opponents, and what's more exciting is that you can now use the Internet to join games with real, live opponents from around the world. Video poker requires special strategies, which we discuss, and we also tell you what goes on in poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker. Every For Dummies book ends with top-ten lists, and this one is no exception. We offer you ten ways to read your opponents, the ten best poker players we know of, and others.

Probability in Action

You are in bad shape as a poker player if you don't have at least a basic knowledge of probability. Probability is one of the fundamental building blocks upon which poker rests. It helps us to understand how the game works and to predict what will happen in a given situation. In fact, probabilities have a role in practically every decision you make at the poker table whether you realize it or not. Matthew discusses this topic in detail in his book Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities Limit, No-Limit, and Tournament Strategies. This section discusses some of the more-subtle ramifications of probability within poker. We will look at how poker players often misunderstand how probability really works, and as a result, how they cope badly with the random elements of the game.

Table Housecollection Schedule

Poker generates substantial profits for the club owners--even after subtracting business expenses, high taxes, and an annual payroll of over 8,000,000 (according to the Gardena Chamber of Commerce). Who, then, are the smartest and most prosperous poker players in Gardena The answer is the quiet, invisible club owners. Indeed, those club owners deserve admiration. What player could ever match their edge odds and consistent winnings from poker Still, how do the other poker players fare If the average professional poker player in Gardena nets about 15,000 per year (estimated in footnote to Table 31), then the estimated 100 to 200 professionals in Gardena would extract 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 per year from all the other poker players. After allowing for those seats occupied by the professionals plus the empty seats and vacant tables during slack periods, the nonprofessional players occupy an estimated average of 800 seats in the six Gardena poker clubs. Those clubs, therefore, must extract...

What Youll Find in This Book

Our goal is to show you how to be a better poker player, regardless of how you want to play the game. If you only want to play good cards and never take any risks, you can play that way. If you want to be a wild man who always stays in for the last card in a hand, where you only have a 5 percent chance of winning, you can play that way. For that matter, you can write out a list of strategies and tactics, and then roll dice to determine your next action. We don't care what you do, as long as you don't throw away a winning hand after the last bets are down. That would break our hearts. We wrote this book for the beginning poker player, but we realize that a lot of poker players buy many of the books that come out in the hope that they can glean any advantage from the material. To that end, we included a fair amount of advanced material with instructions on how to analyze your performance in general and specific game situations in particular. We do assume that you're familiar with the...

By Mansour Matloubi Champion World Series of Poker

Cloutier and Tom McEvoy have written a book that is very much needed by poker players. They may be giving too much away in Championship No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Ho Id'em but that's OK with me In fact, I was very surprised when T. J. told me that he and Tom were writing this book because in the past, there have been times at the poker table when I would say something to another player that I thought might help him, and T. J. would go ballistic about not wanting to educate the opposition. I am very glad that he has changed his mind. All of the top poker players think that if they get lucky, they are unbeatable. But during the World Series of Poker, or in any other big no-limit tournament, if there is any player in the world that I would like to trade a piece with, it is T. J. Cloutier. When I first met him in 1989 in Malta, it was the first time that he had ever played against Europeans. After just a few hours of play, he basically knew everything about everybody who played...

Why Do Players Go on Tilt

The best poker players are the ones who win the most money. The way I win money is to win pots. I can't win pots when I fold. Conclusion I must play a lot of hands to be a good poker player. New players tend to play too many hands even when given the advice not to. These same players often continue too long after the flop, chasing weak draws in hopes of winning a hand. It takes a lot of discipline, learning, and experience before a new player understands correct poker strategy and realizes that what is important is not winning pots but winning money.

The Ethics of Check Raising

There are some amateur poker players who find something reprehensible about check-raising. They find it devious and deceitful and consider people who use it to be less than well-bred. Well, check-raising is devious and it is deceitful, but being devious and deceitful is precisely what one wants to be in a poker game, as is implied by the Fundamental Theorem of Poker. were not permitted. Indeed the two types of play complement one another, and a good player should be adept at both of them. The check-raisc is a powerful weapon. It is simply another tool with which a poker player practices his art. Not al lowing check-raising in your home game is something like not allowing, say, the hit and run in a baseball game or the option pass in a football game. Without it poker loses a significant portion of its strategy, which, apart from winning money, is what makes the game fun. I'm much more willing to congratulate an opponent for trapping me in a check-raise than for drawing out on me on a...

Ted Forrests Loose OB Experiment

Ted Forrest i s widely regarded as one of t he best poker players i n the world today. A few years ago, Ted tried a little experiment with 08B that had him playing every hand, before t he flop, to see if he could stiil end up winning money. 0bviously, he was trying out t he l oosest s trategy of all. Ted tried this experiment i n some of t he biggest poker games i n the world, i n both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I n other words, he tried it against s ome tough competition. So for more than one month Ted played every hand of 08B, e xcept t hose t hat included three of a kind (6-6-6-). Amazingly, h e actually managed to make money playing almost every hand before the flop. 0f c ourse, Ted is a superstar poker player, but stiil, t o end up winning money while playing every hand before the flop for a month seems unbelievable t o me S ince I knew that Ted had tried this experiment, I asked him about it l ater, and he replied, Playing every hand before the flop certainly i sn't t he best...

The Good Player and the Maximum Win Approach

The good player plays solely for his own benefit. He is not a gambler 5 because he bets only when the odds are favorable. (Gamblers bet money at unfavorable odds and eventually lose all the money they risk.) The good poker player cannot lose he eventually wins all the money that gambling players risk. Good poker players are rare, and their paths seldom cross. In fact, most players have never encountered a good player. In the rare event that two good players are in the same game, their effective control is diluted and their edge odds are reduced by each other's presence. A good player searches for weaknesses in his opponents, but two good players do not waste time trying to analyze each other. They more profitably direct their mental effort toward studying the game and the other players. ATTITUDES OF POKER PLAYERS ATTITUDES OF POKER PLAYERS Such games are not real poker and require little skill. Good poker players will not play these games. The major enemy of poker players is their...

Tells Feel Vibes and Image

The poker players that everyone wants as their opponents are the ones that are clueless. These players are not even aware that people are observing them, and they act the way they feel. If their hand is bad, they will shake their head in disbelief. If their hand is good, all of a sudden they will be at full attention to see when it is their turn to act so they can raise. These players are mostly found in the low limit games or in home games. They would not last very long in the middle and high limit games as their bankroll would quickly shrivel up. The clueless player should stay at home and play poker online since their physical actions often give themselves away. If they played online, this type of disadvantage would not show up. Although if they do act this way when playing poker, it is likely they are not good poker players anyway, so they would likely lose their money sooner or later at online poker as well.

Acting foolishly when under pressure

No matter what the reason, it is clear that a large number of winning players are bad at bankroll management. In fact, behind the scenes, dome of the famous players you see on TV are broke or relying on I backers to pay their entry fees. Being a good poker player on its own does not guarantee success. Good poker players are only assured of winning money in the long term. If you play with an insufficient bankroll, you run the risk of never being able to reach the long term because you are wiped out by some short-term bad fortune.

Allowing poker to impinge upon the rest of your life

Determining when the game ends and real life begins can be a difficult problem to solve for the dedicated poker player. The difficulty is that you can't simply leave the poker table and forget about the game until you next sit down, because there are certain things you need to do away from the table. You will want to study your results, read poker literature, and think hard about how you can improve your game. Without doing these things, you are almost destined to fail.26 However, this is not when problems occur. The real thing you want to avoid is when the emotional fallout from a poker session starts to affect you away from the table. Sometimes poker players have problems preventing the emotions they experience at the poker table from carrying over, long after they have finished playing. The most common manifestations are moods relating to how a session went. If we have a bad session, then we will be miserable for the rest of the day if our session went well, we will be happy....

Summary For The Beginner

If you haven't already noticed, probability is a huge factor in Texas Hold 'em. For example, there are 2,598,960 possible hands in a 52-card deck but only 4 Royal Flushes. If the average serious poker player is dealt 100,000 hands in their lifetime, they will never hold So statistically, you should see a pat straight flush on your first five cards once or twice during your lifetime. Most average poker players will never see even one. Not necessarily. Texas Hold'em is the king of fast play. Several 1000 plus pots were played in less than a minute and ranged as long as 6 minutes - the same range for the small stake tables. Over all, the average length of an online Poker game today is just over one minute or 50-60 hands per hour.

Rule Notice where other players are looking

One skill that experienced poker players possess is the ability to notice where people are looking. In fact, this is often a tip-off to why people take certain actions (as well as what actions they are about to take). This skill carries over into real life, too. They instinctively notice where friends, acquaintances, and passersby are looking-where their eyes are moving to -because poker players know that thoughts and actions that follow are going to be connected to that. The human eye tends to follow things that change in a scene. This is an instinctive part of human perception, one that goes back centuries in our evolution. For our early ancestors, it was the things that changed in a scene that could represent danger and needed to be noticed, whether it was something slithering on the ground or crouching in the grass. Thus, movement is the key. But a foundation of non movement must first be established in order for movement to have any significance. Some poker players are stony of...

Actions and Reactions

The problem with trial and error is that when we perform an action and the results are perceived as bad, we instinctively want to change the action in order to achieve a better result. This is a response of which the poker player must be very wary. When playing poker, optimal actions can yield negative results, while foolish actions can yield positive results. For example, we could raise AA pre-flop only to lose a lot of bets when an opponent flops a set. Alternatively, we might call a pre-flop raise with K-9 and bust an opponent holding A-K when the flop comes K-9-6. These are contrived examples, but the principle is the same for most decisions you make at the poker table. This is a vital point for poker players to understand. Otherwise, you might end up making unwarranted changes to your game or continuing to make bad plays, on the basis of your short-term results. In the above examples, the

The Poker Mindset Chapter

Over time, successful poker players develop a repertoire of technical skills that they bring to the table. Such skills include reading hands, correct pre-flop play, bluffing semi-bluffing and value betting. These skills maximize their chances of making the best decisions at the table. Similarly, successful players also benefit from developing the correct mindset a psychological toolbox to complement their technical one. This chapter will help you to achieve just that by describing such a toolbox. It will outline the Poker Mindset seven attitudes that every poker player should try to master, regardless of their game, limits, or technical skill. They are realities you need to be aware of and attitudes you need to adopt in order to succeed at poker over the long term.

The Blackjack Phenomenon

Poker players generally welcome blackjack players into a poker game because blackjack players are not accustomed to hiding their emotions. In blackjack there is no reason to hide your emotions. (Watch a game of blackjack in progress in a casino sometime and note the way the players act.)

Superstitions there are bigger faults

I don't believe in the traditional superstitions, but there are a couple that I still honor. Like most Poker players, I don't like to be paid in 50 bills. But there's also a reason for that. It's easy to mistake a 50 bill for a 5 bill. When I lose a pot, I sometimes get up and walk around the chair. Some Poker players do that to change their luck. I do it just to cool off. I doubt that any of my children will decide to play professionally. It can be a very good life, and it has been for me, but my children haven't come from the background that produces good Poker players. You try to make life a little

Key Element In Poker Is Deception

Many beginning poker players love this idea of bluffing and often misuse it. The value of the bluff increases under certain general circumstances that often have a lot to do with information you assume about the other players. This vagueness makes it difficult to give definitive reasons or places to bluff. Some less generalized times to bluff and some advice are given below. The bottom of the

Your money the pots money

Poker players often get confused about to whom money belongs. They say, I have a lot of money in the pot. This is a fallacious concept. Once the money is in the pot, you should no longer care whether it came from your stack or those of your opponents. The only interesting question is whether the pot is laying you the correct price for a draw or whatever.

Todays Poker Scene the Number of Players

Card expert John Scarne once estimated that 65 million Americans play poker. A more commonly cited number of poker players in the United States is 50 million. This figure probably originated from a Life magazine article on poker that was published on August 16, 1968. In that article, the magazine stated that there were 47 million poker players in the United States and that they wagered 45 billion annually. In the 1950s, there were probably just a handful of great poker players in the world today there are thousands. Modern media and computers have contributed to this statistical jump. Computers have established once and for all many of the basic elements of the game - the correct odds, best starting hands, optimum plays- exact scientific answers about the game have replaced the homespun back-room advice of earlier eras - and modem media has widely disseminated this information.

Players overestimate their own ability

Most poker players think they are better players than they actually are. Big-time losers think they are only slight losers who might break even if not for the rake. Small losers think they break about even, or at least they would if they didn't get so unlucky. Small winners think they win more than they do. They tend to blame the cards for not being able to earn the win rate commensurate with their limit. Even big winners frequently overestimate their long-term edge.

Reaction to Losing a Big

However, it is a mistake to think that this journey is linear or inevitable. Some experienced poker players still blow their top when they take a bad beat, while some beginners have an instinctive Zen-like calm in the aftermath of even the most horrific hand. In fact, it is more useful to think of the journey as a series of four stages, where each stage represents a better response (and a better underlying attitude) than the last.

Game Theory A Historical Perspective

Emile Borel was probably the first to formally define important concepts in the use of strategy in games. Born in 1871 in Saint-Affrique, France, he demonstrated an early penchant for mathematics. In 1909 the Sorbonne created a special chair of Theory of Functions which Borel held through 1940. During the years 1921-27 he published several papers on Game Theory and several papers on poker. Important to poker players are his discussions on the concepts of imperfect information, mixed strategies and credibility. Also important to poker players is the work of Julia Bowman Robinson. Born in 1919, she discovered her passion for mathematics after a bout with scarlet fever and was the first woman admitted to the Academy of Sciences. For poker players her most important work was An Iterative Method of Solving a Game. Virginia in 1928, Nash became well known for a 28-page work he did at age 21 which defined his Nash Equilibrium concerning strategic behavior in non-cooperative games. Poker...

Notes on Public Poker

The six card clubs in Gardena, California, provide simultaneous action for up to 1680 poker players. Over 400 licensed card clubs in California and more than 80 Nevada casinos continuously offer thousands of fresh poker players for money extraction, every hour of every day and night, all year round. 19. Highly visible and self-publicized professional poker players, including those who play in and have won the World Series of Poker, reveal a composite character (with individual exceptions) of a prematurely aged, physically unfit heavy smoker who is prone to boasting, gross exaggeration, and gambling. Yet he is a character who is basically intelligent and shrewd -- though vulnerable to manipulation through his flaws. He is a character who can be exploited and beaten by the good player.

Why ou Need This Book

You'll undoubtedly find many poker players who have never picked up a book on the subject. Some even disdain this new breed of studious poker players. A few self-taught players are quite skilled, but the majority of them are not. And even if they've been playing for 20 years, that doesn't mean that they have not been making the same mistakes day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Individual Session Review

In our experience, most poker players define how well they played during a given session based on how many big bets they won or lost. This results-based thinking ignores the role of luck (short-term variance) in poker, and clouds an objective analysis of play. As poker veteran Sergeant Rock puts it, The most successful poker players focus on their performance, and let the cards fall as they will. After all, our performance is the only thing we have total control of at the table, and we should focus on making the correct play rather than the result of that play (which is governed by chance).

Why Professionals Cheat

Many poker players, including most professionals, do not fully distinguish between what is honest and what is dishonest, in and out of a poker game. For example, many professional players who day after day lie and practice deceit in poker ironically do not grasp the rightness of their poker deception. To them, lying and deception in poker become little different from cheating in poker. Their ethics become hazy and ill-defined. They feel the only barrier to crossing the line from lying and deception to cheating and stealing is the threat of being caught. By removing that threat (e.g., through undetectable Neocheating techniques), they cross over the line and begin cheating. Most amateur poker players hold the classical but misleading views about cheating. They perceive nearly all cheating as being done either by bumbling amateurs who are easily caught or by highly dexterous and invincible cardsharps who have perfected sleight-of-hand skills through years of laborious practice and...

Leave Your Ego at the Door

Watch poker on TV, play in your local card room, or even play online, and you will be amazed at the number of poker players who have seemingly huge egos. You will see players boasting about their skills, berating the play of others, boasting about their jobs or salary, and taking the most innocuous action as a personal insult.

You could inadvertently give away Information to your opponents

So why do players feel the need to demonstrate their knowledge Part of it might be to fill the silence between hands and to be social, but a large proportion of it is ego. Subconsciously or otherwise, poker players want their fellow players to look up to them as a good player. Most think they are good players, and they want everyone else to think so, too, even if it affects their win rate in the long term.

Playing the River When the Pot Is

The worst poker players display common characteristics They play far too many hands, they do not fold enough after the flop, and they miss bets and raises with their marginal and strong hands. Studious players watch these calling stations and resolve to avoid their mistakes. They often decide to fold when they are beaten.

Categorizing Your Opponents

For most opponents you will face on a day-to-day basis, you will in fact have far less than a thousand hands on which to make your evaluation. Instead, you will need to invoke a certain degree of stereotyping and assumption, based on what you do know. Traditionally, poker players like to measure their opponents against established benchmarks such as The above method of notation is the standard method that poker players use to categorize players, but to truly understand your opponent, you Will need to go deeper than that. By observing how tight, aggressive,

What Will Happen When All Players Own the Poker Manual

As sales of the Poker Manual increase, more and more players ask, What will happen when all poker players own the Manual Will the advantage gap between good players and poor players narrow Will the potential earnings for those players applying the Advanced Concepts of Poker diminish

Observe the Other Players

Observe all of the players as the cards are being dealt. As people are making bets, always look at the people in front of and behind you. I look at my cards when I first get them so that I can observe the board I don't wait for the action to get to me before I look at my hand. If you're looking at your hand when the action gets to you, rather than looking at the people behind you that haven't acted yet, you're missing a lot. It's the old load-up theory. There are a lot of poker players who can't stand it when they pick up a big hand, and so they'll load up their hands with chips before it's their turn. If you're observant, you'll throw down a mediocre hand because you know that the guy behind you is going to raise. It happens many, many times.

Losing confidence in your ability and game

While you are on a downswing, all of the above will probably go through your mind at one time or other. The problem isn't that these are bad thoughts to have. In fact, all of the above are valid questions that poker players should be asking themselves periodically. The problem when you are on a downswing is that these thoughts can take over. You ask these questions too frequently, and unfortunately often arrive at the wrong answer. Metaphorically, you start seeing monsters under the bed.

Table Seven Card Stud High Low Sample Fourth Street Unsuited

Whoever knew Deuce-through-Five could be so strong If you play high-low Stud, you'll know it's extremely powerful. The main thing working against this hand is that it doesn't have a flush draw, and two of its cards to make a straight the A and the A are dead. It, therefore, has three chances to catch one of six cards (the remaining two Aces and any of the four Sixes) to make its straight and low simultaneously. The problem with this is that the four-card straight draw in the second hand has one more card it can catch (Seven, as one Eight and no Kings are dead) to make a better straight. In addition, it can be harder than one thinks to make a low in Stud. While this hand will very often make a winning low, it will not always do so. The second hand has no chance of a low, but the first hand can catch three consecutive low cards to qualify. In case no low hand qualifies, as you remember, the highest hand takes the entire pot. The good news here is that the third hand will be contributing...

Poker is a game of small edges

All of this stems from the fact that winning poker players make money from their opponents' mistakes, which are generally small in nature. In poker, any hand can win, and it is rare to be betting when you have the absolute nuts. So even when opponents call bets that they

You know how much youre winning or losing

Obviously, it is very difficult to make any objective assessment of your poker game when you don't know how much you are winning or losing. Worst of all, long-term losing players will tend to believe they are actually winning. This sounds like a strange assumption to make, but it really isn't. Most poker players suffer from delusion to some extent, tending to overestimate their ability relative to others. Because poker literature is resolute in its assertion that the best players will make money in the long term, most players think they should be winning money. In the absence of any hard figures, they will in fact assume that they are winning money. People are good at seeing things they want to see and ignoring things they don't. A hazy memory of a month of up-and-down results will tend to aggregate to a win for a disorganized player who is deluded about his skill.

How To Play Hidden Hands

A lot of poker players fall-into the trap of only playing monster starting hands. This is a logical strategy, except that everyone will begin folding as soon as a tight player makes a raise, which is why this style of play doesn't hold up for winning long-term poker profits.

And Public Club And Casino Poker

* Earnings are estimated for the best professional players observed in Gardena. The average professional in Gardena (including house shills and proposition players who are paid by the club for starting and maintaining poker games probably nets less than 15,000 per year. The net average earnings of all the professional poker players in Gardena are estimated at 15,000 per year per professional player.

Collusion Cheating Reciprocal Card Flashing

During his first two days in Gardena, John Finn played in each of its six poker clubs. After the second day, he became aware of a cliquish network of habitual amateur players, professional players, floormen, and cardroom managers woven through those six clubs. The continuous circulation of poker players among the clubs allowed everyone in that network to constantly and effectively communicate (and gossip) among themselves. While most of the habitual amateur players in Gardena recognized they were a part of a clique, few recognized that the professional establishment was using them as fodder.

The Importance of Observation

Great poker players will tell you that they play the player, not the cards. Some top players have boasted that they could win without even looking at their cards.53 One of the most important things you must do at the poker table is continually study your opponents to learn whatever you can about how they play and how they react to particular situations.

The Bet It All Strategy for NLHYuck

In the 'bet i t a ll strategy you raise all y our chips to open a pot or t o reraise i n a pot. S o i f t he blinds are 10- 20 and it's y our turn to act from late position in a hand, then you just go ahead and open for the whole 1,000 you have i n front of you. You wiil win that 30 in blinds quite often when you bet 1,000, but you're risking 1,000 in order t o win 30 You do the math Actually, a l ot of poker players use this crazy strategy these days. The downside i s that you're risking all your chips, and if your opponent picks up a strong hand you'' l ose t he whole 1,000 and for what 30 in blinds I f someone else opens a pot for 60, and the slider (he likes t o slide all his chips i n ) decides t o play his hand, then he j ust bets it all. ( Your 60 and 940 more.) I think the main reason t hese players do this i s t hat they're afraid to play t heir hands after the flop, although some of them just fail t o understand

Two Alternative Forms of Variation

There is another even less complicated option. Change poker rooms, change games, or change limits. In my opinion, one of the greatest assets to a poker player is their anonymity. First of all, most players need zero effort to protect their anonymity. They may not play more than a few hours a week at one or maybe two games at a time. Likely, those players are simply lost in the shuffle. However, if a player competes many hours a week, often at multiple games, then eventually others (especially good, observant players) will recognize them. Their tight aggressive style will be noted by the better opponents, who will take advantage by avoiding confrontations or making a few extra strong moves saved only for a solid player willing to lay down a good hand. The solution is simple. Use multiple online sites. There are many online poker rooms that advertise on Poker Pages, including Paradise Poker, Party Poker, Bugsy's Club, True Poker, Palace Poker, Poker Room, Planet Poker, InterCasino...

Take advantage of the free poker at these sites and practice practice practice

Party Poker Party Poker is now the world's largest online poker room. We have seen over 40,000 players online playing recently and the number is growing every day. The daily average of real money players is around 10,000. Party is presented by the same people that brough t you CardPlayer Cruises, including Mike Sexton. They have a big multi- table tournament every year called the Party Poker Million. The rake at this site is stock standard - 5 per cent capped at 3 for medium limit games. For lower limit ga mes, a max of 1 for 1 2 games and 50 cents for 0.5 1 games is taken out of the pot. On high limit games Party Poker offers good value with

Poker Articles and Information A great site that offers many of the same resources as the magazine, but i n an electronic format. You can find many great articles written by some of the best poker writers in the business, including Glazer and myself. There i s also i nformation about where and when upcoming poker tournaments are being held and results from past tournaments. Barry and Jeff Shulman have done a great job with this site and also with Card Player Magazine. on the game of poker. I f i t's out there, I c an usually find i t at PokerPages, i ncluding tournament r esults, s chedules, online articles, l inks, a nd a sharp Online Poker School. Tina and Mark Napolitano have done a wonderful j ob with this s ite and they also managed to bring Mike the Mad Genius Caro on to help.

The Secrets of Making Money Playing Online Texas Holdem Poker

Many online poker websites now offer free play money tables to practice. Let's start playing now, so you can see how it all works. As it's for free and with play money, it doesn't matter if you don't really understand any of the rules (yet ). Click here to go to one of the best poker site, Party Poker. They are also offering up to 100 for free when you start playing with real money. Don't worry about that for the moment though. We'll just download the game and start getting some practice. Bluffing is misleading your opponents into thinking that you have a hand different and usually stronger than the one you actually hold. This is a vital part of poker. If the best hand always won, then poker would be a simple game of chance. The keys to being a winning poker player are strategy and bluffing .knowing when to play hands to begin with, and using your judgment to gauge when to push ahead with a less than ideal hand to bluff the other players out of the pot.

Recgamblingpokercom is the Online Newsgroup for Poker

If you are interested, an online poker newsgroup is located at (RGP). RGP has a big voice in the poker world today, a nd the RGP group meets every year t o play poker at the Big August Recreational Gambling Excursion (BARGE) in Las Vegas. I was the keynote s peaker for BARGE in 2001, and I had a great t ime hanging out with t he RGP regulars. Their enthusiasm for poker i s very refreshing and contagious Imagine poker games spontaneously breaking out on the floor of a room that RGP was renting or poker tournaments with teams of four players e ach

How To Win Money In Texas Holdem Before The First Card Is Even Dealt

All the latest research (from the online casino's themselves) show quite clearly that over 50 of your winnings at the online poker table will be determined BEFORE YOU ARE DEALT A SINGLE CARD (some would suggest it's even higher than 50 ). comes up What kind of cards did they play on Everyone should take player notes at casinos like Party Poker where they offer the feature. Don't know how to take notes Just right-click on the avatar (picture) of the target player and click Player Notes. That feature is there for a very good reason - use it.

Should I Play Two Games at Once

Playing in two games at once is an option offered by some online poker sites. For most players this is a bad idea. While it may look good on paper ( I'll get to see twice as many hands in the same amount of time, so I can cherry-pick the very best hands to play , etc), what happens in actual practice is that the games tend to overlap on the computer screen and become confusing. Also, the person may discover for the first time that he really does follow certain nuances in a hand as it progresses, and when the screen is flipping back and forth from one game to the other you lose all that. It's also surprising how often you get a thinker type hand in both games at the same time which can lead to poor (even disastrous) play. If you feel you absolutely must play in two games at once, get used to clicking on the sit-out button in one game the instant you catch a big hand in the other.

Increased Magnitude in Short Handed Poker

Short-handed poker is mostly an online phenomenon. Shuffling a deck, even for the most experienced dealer, will always take an inordinate amount of time when compared to the instant response of a computer. Thus, shorthanded poker has seen its popularity increase with the growth of online poker. Maybe the relative novelty of online poker (and even more recent appearance of 5-handed table offerings at online poker sites) explains the minimal offerings of literature concerning short-handed poker. But the advantages of shorthanded play make it worthwhile for any aspiring player to focus significant energy studying, even if they will never seek out a short-handed game.

You Know Exactly Whats In The

At a regular card game, you need to do some rough guessing at pot totals. (The other players rarely encourage you to go digging through the pot to come up with a tally). Online, the total is calculated for you to the penny. This makes calculations about how much to bet very accurate. Why is this important You will learn later that one of the keys to winning is a system used by pros for decades called Pot Betting. The more accurate your knowledge of the pot, the better able you are to know exactly how much you should be betting on a given hand. Online Poker is a Pot Betting dream come true. Sharpen up your math skills a bit, and you are on the road to making money. Never have there been so many options for the poker player willing to learn. Remember, you are not just playing against the odds, you are playing against other players and in a mathematical sense, the table as a whole. This is the real key to winning. Look for a table with the greatest number of weaker players and you will...

State Of Mind Mental Control

Your state of mind is key to your success when playing online poker. The mental control you have influences the way you play. When you are focused on the game at hand, you will learn about the other players, likely hand probabilities, and quickly discover opportunities that allow you to gain the upper hand over your fellow opponents. A good poker player is in control of their every action. They are not only aware of their own state of mind, but the minds of their other players as well. They are relaxed, and easily adjust to the different players that enter the game, ready and waiting to defeat them as soon as they get the chance to take advantage of the way they play.

For Those Of You Who Just Want To Get Started

The book you are reading, unlike most of the poker books available on the market today, is not based on anecdotal examples and table stories told by the 'old pros', a few lucky winners or The better the information you have about what is really happening with the cards and the table, the faster you will get out of the 'fish' category and into the winning zone. We open up the big black online poker box and show you the insides. What could be more fun

The Casino Giveth Sometimes

Players who never fold on the first two cards even when it costs them, are loose. A higher percentage means a much looser game. Most online poker rooms, such as PacificPoker, list the perce ntage of players who are seeing the flop. Players who fold often on the first two cards tend to be tighter players. All online poker rooms also list the average pot size. You do not necessarily want to play at the table with the highest average pot size, since this may indicate a lot of raises going into the pot.

Conduct of Online Games

The usual method in which online games operate is for the participant to download software from the poker room's Web site, that runs locally on the user's computer. Each online poker room has its own proprietary software. Most poker rooms require the user to download software that runs in a Windows environment, meaning that the choices of online poker rooms for the Macintosh user are limited. One notable exception is Their URL is http Pokerroom software runs entirely from within a Web-browser, using scripts written in the Java programming language. The Java-based method is completely cross-platform. A participant in games at http can use any Windows-based or Macintosh computer with a Web-browser current enough to support Java scripts. It is not necessary to install additional software, an advantage for people who do not always use the same computer when going online. Each online poker room has its own software with its own look and...

An Introduction To The Rules Of Texas Holdem

All Online Poker Casinos today offer a wide variety of play money tables for beginners to practice their skills until they're ready to move up to the fun at real money tables. It's difficult to learn to play Texas Hold 'em in the traditional setting of a casino's poker room without losing to experienced gamblers. Thankfully, you can practice all you want for free with online poker rooms.

Reading Your Opponents

Online Poker eliminates visual and verbal clues 'tells') from the game. You can't see the faces of the other players (their real face s, in any case). This limits your ability to read the other players. The rules in online poker compensate for this by giving us a wealth of i nformation in other ways.

Differences Between Online and Inperson Poker

With the growth of online poker, much can be written comparing the experience of online poker to that of a real cardroom. If you have tried one venue and not the other, or must decide in which venue to begin, here are some general considerations. Psychologically, overhead makes it difficult to be selective with the games in which you choose to compete. All poker books stress the need for choosing the right game, one that is within your betting limits and populated with enough poor players to be profitable. Much has been written on choosing the right seat at the right game. But suppose after spending substantial time and money getting to a card-room, you can't find an ideal seat at a good game. Naturally, you will play in the available seat in whatever game is underway. My recommendation is that if you are learning poker, go online and check out the resources. Participate in play-money games as a way of learning the mechanics and structure of the game. However, the first time you play...

Automatically Generating Player Profiles

Arguably Poker Tracker's most useful feature is the ability to generate player profiles for rapid access during play. By combining the Auto-Rate feature and Notes Exporter tool, Poker Tracker allows us to auto-generate profiles for every player in our database, and export these profiles directly to our online poker site of choice. The majority of online poker sites offer the ability to store notes on individual players. We utilize these notes to store profiles of the players in our database based on Poker Tracker's observation of their past tendencies. This profile generation is accomplished in a two-phase process

Introduction To The Rules Of Texas Holdem

Be learned in a few minutes by anyone, and you can be playing fair ly well with a few hours practice. In order to learn the game, however, you must play and you must play fairly often. All Online Poker Casinos today offer a wide variety of play money tables for beginners to practice their skills until they're ready to move up to the fun at real money tables. It's difficult to learn to play Texas Hold 'em in the traditional setting of a casino's poker room without losing to experienced gamblers. Thankfully, you can practice all you want for free with online poker rooms such as Pacific Poker or PartyPoker.

How This Book Is Organized

Part I tells you everything you need to know to get started playing online poker. Chapter 1, So What Is This Online Poker Thing provides a quick introduction to online poker, how it affects your life, and whether it's legal or not in the United States. Chapter 2, Getting Started, presents the mechanics of online poker, lists the hardware requirements for popular poker software, and shows you how to deposit money into an online account. Credit card companies don't allow United States residents to transfer money to most gambling sites, so you may need to go through an alternative funding source. Chapter 3, The Mechanics of Online Poker, reviews the basics of poker, the actions you can take, and how the games are designed to stimulate action. Chapter 6, Playing the Game, introduces online poker rooms and shows you the interfaces you'll use to play at the most popular sites. Many of the sites use a variation on the same software, so you won't be at a loss when you log on and put your...

Using the Notes Exporter

Now that we've created profiles for our opponents, we need a way to quickly access this information while we're at the virtual table. Most online poker sites allow us to store notes on individual players, which we can access by clicking on the opponent's avatar during play. When deciding which table to sit down at or whether or not to call a suspicious check-raise, these notes are invaluable and can be used to maximize our winnings. One of Poker Tracker's most powerful features is the ability to automatically generate player notes based on information in the database, and then export these notes to the site. Before completing the following steps, make sure you shutdown any running instances of your online poker applications. Poker Tracker's notes exporter makes it easy to send our auto-generated notes to the online poker site of our choice. Click on Utilities- Import Export Notes in the top menu bar to begin the o The bottom left pane offers a preview of how the notes will appear when...

Why Good Players Often Play Bad Poker Online

Bad online poker play is NOT always the result of poor skills. In fact, I've known countless players who are GREAT in live games, but can't stack up online. First, online poker takes away some key leverage points. One is reading tells, another is bluffing frequently, and another is a solid table image.

Prechoosing the In Turn Buttons Check BetRaise

Most online poker sites have buttons that can be checked in advance to allow the player to make his play ahead of time, before the action gets to him. There are naturally some obvious tells associated with this. If you hesitate for a while before you play, this will show (in subsequent action) who had what buttons already checked. For example, let's say you raise, and the player behind you calls your bet instantly. He must have had the call button checked ahead of time, indicating he has a strong enough hand to call anything you were going to do. For this reason, it's not a bad idea to always pause a few seconds before acting, if for no other reason than to see which players behind you had which buttons checked.

Is it a good idea to play poker on the Internet

As I write this, online poker for real money is less than a year old. It has boomed in popularity, particularly among those who can't easily get to cardrooms. Even among those who can, many people prefer the comfort, convenience, and anonymity of playing poker in their spare bedroom any time they want. 'Chris Ferguson, who won the final event at the 2000 World Series of Poker, learned many of his tactics playing tournaments on IRC. He readily acknowledges the value that all that computer practice time had for him. 2This is where my disclaimer at the top really matters. I am virtually certain that a year from now, online poker will look nothing like it does today. I'm not sure how, but there will be big changes. The obvious concern here is collusion. It is trivial for two or three people to sit at the same online poker table and freely converse (over the phone, Internet, or sitting in the same physical room) about what they're doing. Furthermore, they don't even...

Two Pros understand the odds

WHY IS ONLINE POKER SO DIFFERENT Online poker adds several interesting wrinkles to the game of Texas Hold'em. So much is changed in fact, that there are a whole new set of game strategies. The odds of winning the online version of this game are now stacked even more in the favour of the better-educated players. This is one of the secrets to real success at the virtual table. general. Watching players for 'free' is one of the great advantages of online poker.

Pitfalls of playing online

There are more pitfalls to playing online. There are many possible distractions you could have playing online poker that you would not have in a brick and mortar poker room. These distractions include surfing online, writing or reading emails, watching TV or even reading a book (hey, if you are playing online poker right now as you read this, STOP. Either play the game, or read the book, don't do both ). If you know the other players well and are confident you know how they play, you may not lose much by focusing your attention elsewhere. However, even if you do know the players well, they may be playing a bit differently in this particular session than they normally do. Maybe one of them is slightly on tilt, having lost a few bad beats in a row. This may mean they are playing more aggressively on hands that they may normally not play at all. If you know the players well, it is still economically beneficial to pay as much attention as possible to the game. These distractions are...

Cheating Bluffing And Semibluffing

Online poker rooms are probably the safest place to play at right now. Did your mother ever tell you to never trust a stranger Well, playing online limits the number of sneaky people you could potentially be dealing with. The dealer is a program. Programs don't cheat. You don't have to worry about any sort of ill egal card handling. There are no cards online.

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