Making and Keeping Friends

Making and Keeping Friends

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Be As Competitive As You Can Be

Use your best game against anybody you play. Many of the top Pros are close friends, but they almost never give each other a break in a game. Sailor Roberts, for instance, is one of the best friends I've ever had. He helped pick me up when I was young and unknown and broke. But when I play cards with Sailor, I do my level best to cut his throat and he tries to cut mine. It's been like that from the time we met. In fact, the first time we played he broke me.

Trapping with Big Hands before the Flop

We have already talked about trapping players on the flop. I 've seen my good friend John Bonetti, a world-class poker player at the age of 73, trap players before the flop beautifully I n 1996, in one memorable hand in the World Series of Poker championship event, John decided to try to trap the defending world champion, In this case, J ohn had tapped Dan at j ust the right time. Sometimes traps trap the user, of course, but this one worked out perfecty. By the way, John went on to finish third that year, when the young and talented Huck Seed took first place. Having my two best friends at t he t ime finish first a nd third was awfully cool. With John's second-place finish i n the second to last e vent ( for 140,000) and his third-place take in the main event ( 680,000), we walked away with over 400,000 each I always teH my poker friends when they visit my house, This i s the house t hat Bonetti b ought

Reasons Not to Play Poker Online

The same thing goes for significant others, such as girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, and pets. They all require nourishment, attention, and tender loving care, so you need to make time to get away from the neat video game you've found and fan the flames of whatever romance, friendship, or outside interest that makes life worth living.

Carbon Copies and Mirror Images

Mirroring Non Verbal

This unconscious mimicry is quite interesting to observe. Take for example, the two men standing at the hotel bar in Figure 134. They have mirrored each other's gestures and it is reasonable to assume that they are discussing a topic upon which they have the same thoughts and feelings. If one man uncrosses his arms and legs or stands on the other foot, the other will follow. If one puts his hand in his pocket, the other will copy and this mimicry will continue for as long as the two men are in agreement. This copying also occurs among good friends or people at the same status level and it is common to see married couples walk, stand, sit and move in identical ways. Scheflen found that people who are strangers studiously avoid holding mutual positions. The significance of carbon copying can be one of the most important non-verbal lessons we can learn, for this is one way that others tell us that they agree with us or like us. It is also a way for us to tell others that we like them, by...

Lowball Pete and his friend SHORTY

This guy named Lowball Pete went over to his friend Shorty's house and Pete said to Shorty I've got to have some money, the baby don't have any food, the rent's due and they're going to throw me out of my house. So Shorty, who was a good friend of Pete's said well I understand, here's 100. Pete said thanks Shorty, I'll pay you back as soon as I can. Shorty said well, I know that. Where are you going now And Pete said I'm going over to Al's house, they have a 200 limit Lowball game going right now. Shorty said well what difference does that make, how are you going to play And Pete said Oh. . .I've got money for THAT.

The Next Step UltimateBetcom UB

Now that I had a nice-looking website up (, I felt I s hould look into some other web-related projects. A good friend of mine named David ( Porkchop ) Wight had stopped playing poker professionally in order to run a business called Show Gear Productions. One day David told me t hat if I wanted to make money, I was in the wrong business the Internet was the place to be. Finding a steady source of i ncome s ounded pretty good to me, s ince I knew that I could potentially lose all my money on any given day. The swings can drive a person toward insanity As t he old pros say, Poker i s a tough way to make an easy l iving.

Drawing For Seats

For instance, let's say John and Jack were the two loosest players at the table, but were also best friends, so they always ended up sitting next to each other. Having the two loosest players right next to each other at every tournament will ultimately change the way that game plays out.

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