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While most people can enjoy a healthy relationship with poker, whether as pastime or profession, there are plenty of sick gamblers out there. We're talking people with real emotional and psychological problems.

Most of these sick gamblers are soothed by losing. It's the only way that they can confirm just how unlucky, undeserving, and cursed they are. After a game I might try to help a sick gambler. But not while we're playing. It's all business at the poker table. I do not softplay anybody.

I run into sick gamblers all the time in cash games and occasionally in tournaments. They expect to get beaten. They expect the river card to help my hand. They expect that every time I'm on a draw I will get there. Against sick gamblers I will very often bet or raise when a scare card comes on the river, even if it didn't help my hand. While I might feel sorry for them, it is my duty to fulfill their expectations.

They are going to lose their money, at this table, another table, or the craps table. Someone will end up with the chips. That someone should be me.

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