Trap If you find yourself in a beatable game with a number of terrible players dont overplay And if

One error that good players sometimes make when playing against bad players is impatience - getting over-eager to get their hands on their chips. They start to think that they should be defeating these opponents more decisively, more quickly, more frequently, and for more money than they are.

If bad players are in the game, don't fall into the temptation of being over-eager to get your hands on all that money they are throwing around. Just be glad they're in there when you do have a hand.

This is an easy trap to fall into. Players start smacking their lips at the juicy level of competition. They become impatient, and tend to overplay. Circumstances are so favorable that they start chomping at the bit and end up beating themselves thereby losing money in a beatable game.

One thing you don't want to do in a game like this is dig yourself into a hole. If you do, you may have to suffer the exquisite agony of watching other players cheerfully build up their chip-stack while you gradually - and painfully - try to make a comeback. (Or - what is worse - you may suffer the even greater indignity of watching the bad players suddenly decide to get up and leave, thereby leaving you holding the bag.) It is for this reason that patience is crucial in this type of game.

One other point to remember: Expertise in poker - that is, one player being better than another - can be something that only shows up rarely in game situations. Long periods can go by in which the opportunity to take advantage of it (the discrepancy in expertise) simply doesn't arise. Therefore, if you try to force it, it will often backfire.

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