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Poker players generally welcome blackjack players into a poker game because blackjack players are not accustomed to hiding their emotions. In blackjack there is no reason to hide your emotions. (Watch a game of blackjack in progress in a casino sometime and note the way the players act.)

When blackjack players move to a poker game, of course, they adjust - a little warning bell goes off in their brain telling them that they better tone themselves down, but it is generally not enough. Long hours of training at «Yes, Blackjack!! Whoopee!!» still tend to leak out around the edges, and these players tend to be more readable.

How docs the blackjack phenomenon relate to poker? Let's take the following hypothetical example. Let's say you played in a real-money poker game for many years, but you then decided to switch to online computer poker instead, exclusively. (You made the switch because it was easier, more convenient, you didn't have to leave your home, and so on.) You played exclusively online many hours a day for about a year or so. Then let's say you went back to real-game play again. Further, in our hypothetical example, you were curious about how your body language may have changed in the interim, due to playing poker online, so the other players let you prop up a mirror in front of yourself during play so you could monitor your expressions. Here's what you would see:

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Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

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