Rule When things are going wrong in your life they may also go wrong in poker

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If a lot of things are going wrong in your life, it might be wise to withdraw from any form of poker (or gambling) on that particular day. From a karmic standpoint, these sorts of things all seem to work together. A rut in one area of life often seems to overflow into other areas.

Observe the small things in your day - they may be indicators of how your poker game will go. A day spent dropping bars of soap in the shower, bumping your head, stubbing your toe, knocking over cans full of soda, and misplacing your car keys is not a good choice as a day to do any form of gambling. You are simply not in a proper state of mind.

The fact that you lost a hand in poker with four-of-a-kind, and the fact that on the same day the door handle fell off your car may be connected in a way science doesn't yet understand.

It's almost like there's an invisible force field, undetectable to humans, whereby, when two or three things go wrong, other, unrelated things start to go wrong. Sometimes these things are mechanical, while other times they may be people or objects. It's as if there is «something in the air». This is why, on the day you get laid off from your job, the toilet won't flush.

Such situations also seem to apply to poker.

  • Most of us can tell stories of friends or acquaintances who left their homes in their cars in a bad mood and came back in the front seat of a tow truck or the back seat of an ambulance».
  • K.T. Berger, Zen Driving

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