Rule There is an underlying conflict between poker and acting

There is a major conflict that occurs between the two disciplines of poker and acting, and that is this: The body-language approach chosen by most players of always acting the same is a very bad platform from which to launch an acting career. A poker face (over the years) does indeed start in the face, and a kind of woodenness branches southward, from the face down, until eventually it takes over the whole body. Trying to show no emotion is a pretty bad foundation for suddenly trying to spring to life and produce acting-type reactions when a certain critical point arrives - it makes it difficult to switch gears.

  • She Is watching my face. She thinks, like a lot of women Jo, that she can tell if I'm lying or not, that she can see it in my eyes. She's forgetting that I'm good at this - I'm in practice. When I'm good, I don't even let myself know if I'm lying or not».
  • Kevin Canty, Rounders
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