Rule Good players are able to separate their game personality from their regular personality Their g

Expert players often have gestures and mannerisms that operate independently of game play. For instance, it is not uncommon to see two good players carrying on a sociable conversation about some other subject at the same time they are battling it out in a game situation. They are entirely capable of having a friendly conversation at the same time they are locked in a deadly duel within the game itself. They are able to separate the two things in their minds. In fact, it is a measure of their skill - how ingrained it is - that they are able to do this.

But it is precisely because of this that you can't rely on their gestures for information. The gestures aren't reliable because they aren't connected to their play. (The ability to have two things like this running simultaneously is also a tip-off that this is not their first time at (he table.) Such players tend to operate independently of each other in general terms, too. One player sitting at the table, for instance, might have a fierce, dominating personality, while the player next to him could care less. Each is independent.

Most people in society, when they are in a certain proximity to other people, begin to subtly adjust their body language to the other people (as well as to other things occurring in their immediate sphere of activity). This is less true of poker players, and somewhat resembles the skill that actors achieve. Each exists independently, in his own world.

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