Rule Be aware of your general tendencies on this particular day

This is somewhat similar to Rule 92 above. What are your tendencies today? How has your day been going? Have you been impatient? Irritable? Distracted? Feeling a little down-in-the-dumps? Tired? Absent-minded? Easily angered or annoyed? Factor these tendencies that have popped up on this particular day in your life into your poker play. Don't overlook this simple (and easy to overlook) item. Allow a little extra slack in those areas when you sit down to play. (And if they are too much, don't play at all.)

Be especially attuned to the following area: how you feel about having your plans thwarted, or «not getting your way» - having obstacles rise up in your path (like motorists, coworkers, and so on). Have you been acting frustrated or bullheaded in response? If you have, keep in mind that these tendencies in particular carry over poorly to poker.

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