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Everyone called Jack Straus "Treetop" because he stood six-feet seven-inches tall and had a big bushy beard. He was a truly lovable man, a larger-than-life figure with a reputation for gambling every single dollar in his pocket on a daily basis. Straus carried around bundles of money, which often amounted to thousands of dollars, stuffed haphazardly into a brown paper bag. On more than one occasion, Straus lost the bag and was left flat broke. He usually dismissed these losses with a casual comment, "Such is life." Straus was a truly great No-Limit Texas Hold'em player, certainly one of the best of his day. He won poker's world championship in 1982. For many years, the Frontier Casino in Las Vegas held a major tournament in his name, which attracted poker's top players. He died of a heart attack in 1988 while in Los Angeles, fittingly while sitting in a high-stakes poker game. No doubt, Straus died with a smile on his face, doing what he loved best — playing poker.

Most memorable quote: "I have only a limited amount of time on this earth, and I want to live every second of it."

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