Your Bankroll

If you have $2 left, you'll want to play extremely carefully and select one hand to bet on, hoping to get as many players involved as possible for a larger pot. You'll want to be all-in before the flop is dealt. On the flip side, if you have $1000 at a $1/$2 table, you can take the high-risk, high-payout bets. If you are worried about losing your money, you should stop playing poker, switch tables or take a break. Second reason to buy more than is necessary, is for intimidation factor. Opinions may differ, but faced off against a big stack, my feelings are that a good amount of players (but not all) show a bit more respect (read: fear) and will play accordingly -which is to your benefit. Now, don't read this as buying in for $1,000 in a $1/2 game, because then people will think you are just nuts, but $400. Now we're talking.

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