The most common form of online cheating is player collusion

That's when two or more players reveal to each other what cards they hold. This form is more difficult to pull off in a live game, but playing online gives players the chance to have a fellow player on the phone with them, or sitting next to them at another computer.

Fortunately most of these players are the ones who have no idea how to use that advantage. These two must coordinate well together, which takes practice. Online poker rooms not only look for telltale signs of collusion, but check to see if two players always play at the same table together. They would have to use "hit and run" tactics when using this form of cheating. Colluding players would have to hit up a high-limit table, then flee to another online poker room with their winnings and never look back.

It is barely worth it to try collusion. But just in case, here are some things to look for -

  1. A team of players who try to "steamroll" other players out of the game. This means re-raising each other to make non-colluding players call multiple bets at once.
  2. Players who never play fast pre-flop. That's the time to talk about what they hold. Watch whoever is under the gun and be mindful of reaction time.
  3. A group of players who hike up bets by re-raising with someone in between them. This gets the maximum amount of bets out of a third party. The alarm should really go off if one of those re-raising players has a poor hand, or if one of them folds with one bet to go despite a massive pot. There's a time to bluff and a time to fold and most people have an idea when that is, so be on the lookout for players who exercise horrible judgement like that. Identify that person as a potential goldmine for yourself or a potential cheater.

Once again, it's VERY rare for someone to even attempt these sort of things. Still, never accuse anyone of cheating. Either contact the poker room's administrators or just get up and leave

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