The moral of the story there is that you want to be Jane

Sure, when you're aggressive and in charge, at some point someone will make a move against you, whether it be a raise, check-raise, or they're stealing back against you. Don't be overly aggressive and raise like a maniac on everything that comes your way. You cannot simply raise your way out of every situation. Just remember that while tight players can make moves against you, as long as you can make more moves against them, you will win. And when you are the aggressor, you WILL make more moves against tight players. That's because you always have more info than your opponent. When they raise into you, you know they have something. When you bet into them, they aren't sure what you have. Eventually, even they will trap themselves when you DO have something and they bet a weaker kicker or pair into yours and you can come right back at them.

I know someone out there is saying: Yeah, this is great and all, but what about when the tight player is on to you and just re-raises everything you have? I can almost guarantee you that it does not happen at the lower levels. Once it has become a mental game, poor/average players are no longer thinking very logically, but with emotions. They will be scared and in most cases do not have the courage to stand up and duke it with you on garbage. If they do indeed just go on tilt and hit bet/raise for every hand they have, you just need to take a deep breath and play right back at them. Re-raise strong hands pre-flop, call with weak hands. Re-raise pairs aggressively, call with A/K high, fold low high cards.

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