The Law Of Big Numbers

Most of us are impressed with big numbers - like the size of Bill Gate's fortune. But what about small numbers that give you a huge advantage?

Let's say that you improve your odds of winning by 5%? So instead of winning 10 in every 100 pots (on average) you could increase that to 15. Doesn't sound like much does it?

Ten in 100 pots for 10 players really means you are getting back the money you bet less the house rake. Start with $100. Play 100 hands of Poker. The rake is $1 per pot. That's $100 the house takes from all the winnings leaving you $90 at the end of the night. The played all night and lost $10. Write that off to entertainment.

With 15 pots - that little 5% advantage means a lot.

You are now up, just based on average play, $115 for the night.

Small numbers make huge differences. Play three times a week for a year and you are up $18,000 based on your 5% advantage.

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