The Importance Of Table Position In Texas Holdem

Position is the most overlooked aspect of games like Texas Hold'em by beginners. And that's a huge shame. It costs these players a lot of pots.

Insider Tip

Your position at the table is based simply on your position in relation to the dealer. The dealer is at the most advantageous position, as he/she gets to see how all the other players at the table react before making their own decision.

The chances of your hand being a winner increase as more and more people fold their hand.

Yes - if you have say KQs and are going up against 1 other player, your chances are not bad - but if you're going up against 8 or 9 others who feel they too have a hand worth betting - your KQs is not nearly so strong.

Now - if you are in an early position (meaning you are among the first who has to bet) then you have no idea how many players will be playing this hand when it's time to bet or fold your hole cards.

On the other hand - if you are in a late position (meaning you are among the last to call) you not only have the knowledge of who and how many players are in on this hand - but if anyone has made aggressive bets. If you are in a late position and hold an OK hand - say a small pair or a KJ - if everyone before you has folded -you've got a strong hand - but if everyone before you has called or raised - you know you've got a weak hand.

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