How To Think Like A Winning Poker Player

Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. So let's give some thought and examination to how we as card players process information and respond to decision-making pressures. These are important areas to consider as we work to improve our poker success - and be more successful in life generally.

There is a science around the study of body language and human communication called Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP). NLP is both an interesting and valuable area of study to understand. What NLP has shown is that if we can 'mirror' another person who has achieved success in a certain area, we can dramatically speed up our ability to learn the same skills. In a nutshell, if we act exactly like a successful poker player, move, sit, walk, talk, learn to adopt the same thinking styles - we can leap ahead in learning. A pro may have spent 20 years learning the secrets of the game but by mirroring their behavior and thought, we can learn to 'become' a pro in a much shorter period of time.

Now you're probably pretty skeptical of this whole approach and I don't blame you. You've been taught in school that you need to study for years and slowly work your way towards expertise to gain what we would call 'expert knowledge'. But if you saw the examples of this process at work, as I have over the years, you would have a whole new understanding of how to propel your abilities to an amazing new level in a matter of days.

For the sake of this chapter, I am going to keep this simple. There are dozens of books written on NLP and we are not going to be able to cover all of that ground here. Let's just take a quick look at how great poker players think and try to understand how to be more like them.

Pros step into the poker game with confidence. They have such a wealth of playing experience that they can make tough betting decisions in a very timely manner. That means that they give the odds proper consideration, keep appraised of the other players, and make their play. This is the persona you need to adopt when you play.

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