How To Tell If You Have A Texas Holdem Nut Hand

Want to have a Texas Hold'em hand that no one can beat? With a little practice, you can learn to read the table and determine the hole cards necessary to make the nut hand. Most of the time no one actually has the nuts, but when someone raises, take time to study the table carefully. Do they have what it takes? It pays to know the difference between a probable winner and the absolute nuts.

A nut set is three of a kind with a pair in the hole equal to the highest card on the board and no possibility of a straight or a flush. The smallest possible nut set on the river is a set of queens (see example)

This set of queens is the nuts. There is no possibility of a higher set, a straight or a flush.

In this hand, one or more players could have 10,9 in the hole and this top set of queens could then be sandwiched between nut straights. Even 7,5 in the hole would make a straight.

The nut hole cards are king-anything of spades. Any two spades in the hole would beat this set of aces.

Three-of-a-kind with a pair on the board is trips not a set. Trips cannot be the nuts. Kings, fives or threes in the hole would beat these trip jacks.

Texas Hold'em Poker Nut Hands - Four Of A Kind

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