They bet and tell you to save your money

If they really wanted you to save your money, they wouldn't have bet. Sometimes players say that just to create the opposite image, so look out. Few are that crafty though, so tell your opposition that he's bluffing and re-raise.


/The most successful players are not always the tightest ... and you can't win anything when you fold.

Insider Tip

Pros add to their hourly win rate by finding times to play hands that are small losers in the hands of lesser players. They do this both by playing those hands especially well and by playing them when a bad player is already in. That's why knowing your table is so important.

The secret to beating online poker can be where you get a lot of tight passive players sitting on their hands while a successful player (or two or three) eats an awful player (or two) alive.

Most people play backwards. They play loose and see a lot of flops in the early rounds, then absurdly tighten up later. Unless you are one of those rare players who simply can't play without a big stack, don't fritter away your chips in the early rounds on marginal junk. Those chips can be very useful once the important rounds begin.

Sitting around waiting for good cards to play against the tight players is fairly pointless. There is zero point to playing in a game with decent players.

The only reason to be in this game is to play with the fish.

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