World Class Play on the Last Round of Betting

Here i s an advanced concept i n Stud 8/b, o ne t hat a l ot o f players don't even know exists. It is s omething to think about in the l ast round of betting. The concept involves making the bluff raise with a high hand on the end. This is a play that works only on world-class players who are capable of folding t heir hands on the end to save one r aise.

When you're obviously on a high hand in Stud 8/b and your opponent, who you suspect i s going low, hits a small two pair instead of a l ow, then you can go ahead and raise on the end with your one-high-pair hand, because your opponent wiil suspect that you have a high hand which beats his high hand. Ted Forrest was able t o use this play successfully for years, until some of the other high-limit players finally figured out what he was doing. (Ted wrote an amazing Hand of the Week for me describing that very play; you can read it at The problem with this play i s that most players wont fold their hands on the end with two small pair i n low- or mid-limit games. Therefore, this play is to be saved for occasional use in the high-limit games at the BeHagio or Commerce Casino.

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