With Mouse

Suppose that a mouse has raised in the third position and an elephant has called on the button, before the lop. You call with in the big blind because it's only one more bet to you in the big blind. Normally you wouldn't call the mouse's raise with this hand, b ut you're getting a discount! The flop comes down 98-3. What do you do here? I'd want to bet out here to see what the mouse does. If the mouse were t o raise me, then I'd probably call the bet, b ut I 'd fold my hand i f t he mouse bet o n fourth street (unless I'd caught an A or an 8). If t he mouse j ust called me on the flop, then I'd figure that I have him beat ( I'd put the mouse on A-K or A-Q) and I'd continue t o bet with my hand all the way.

If t he elephant were to put in a raise on the flop, t hen you'd have to read him the best that you could. You'd want t o call his raise on t he flop and see what card comes up on fourth street and whether the elephant bets on fourth street or not.

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