The Time to Throw Away Your Jacks

The seven folds, the king completes the bet to $4, and the five and the eight fold. Now the queen raises the bet $4, making it $8 to go, a nd the nine folds. What do you do with your pair of jacks? You t hrow them away ( fold)! There i s strong evidence t hat the queen has in fact a pair of queens, because he raised the king's raise. The king, too, could easily have a pair of kings. Although a pair of j acks i s on my list of premium hands, you don't want to play them against a pair of queens, because you're roughly a 2-to-1 underdog against queens. I f the king has a pair of kings here (and the queen has queens), then you'd be in really bad shape (a 3.2-to-1 underdog, or worse) trying to beat both a pair of kings and a pair of queens.

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