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Now that I had a nice-looking website up (, I felt I s hould look into some other web-related projects. A good friend of mine named David ("Porkchop") Wight had stopped playing poker professionally in order to run a business called Show Gear Productions. One day David told me t hat if I wanted to make money, I was in the wrong business—the Internet was the place to be. Finding a steady source of i ncome s ounded pretty good to me, s ince I knew that I could potentially lose all my money on any given day. The swings can drive a person toward insanity! As t he old pros say, " Poker i s a tough way to make an easy l iving."

David and I decided to look into starting an online poker room together, but after a few months he chose to devote al his time to his already thriving business, and I ended up consulting and promoting for, a beautiful online poker room which I b elieve 100 percent in and am fully committed to. I helped the software team that built UB with the poker rules, and I was also able t o have some input in t he c oncept side of t he project.

For instance, the team implemented my idea of having five-handed tables available at the site. These ' 'shorthanded" tables alow you to play a lot more pots, because t he hand values are lower, s o I recommend them to anyone who tends to be impatient or l ikes t o be i nvolved i n a l ot of pots.

The bottom line for online poker: you can play from the comfort of your home, o ffice, or hotel r oom and get in more than twice as many hands per hour. At UB, you can even play free. And while it's not the same as playing face to face, sometimes I like i t even better! I recommend that you give online poker a try before you spend any serious t ime in a "brick and mortar" card room. You can often find me playing small-stakes online poker at UB. Look for t able "Phil Hellmuth." But pay attention to some of my hints in this chapter, because you'll need to alter your strategy a l itle when you make the transition. In this chapter you wiil l earn:

z Deception and reading i n Cyber Hold'em. z Ten-handed Cyber strategy. z Five-handed Cyber s trategy. z Limit Hold'em two-handed (heads-up) theory. z Limit Hold'em heads-up: Howard Lederer's t heory. z About (RGP , the online

"newsgroup" for poker. z About, an online poker room. z About, my website with my "Hand of the

Week," live Internet broadcasts, pictures, a nd more. z About, the information website for the industry-leading Card Player Magazine, with tournament results and more. z About, the website with tons of information about poker, tournaments, and much more.

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