The Best Playable Hands in Razz

A-2-3 is the best possible starting hand in Razz. Any combination of cards between an ace and a five ( but no pairs or trips!) i s considered a great s tarting hand in Razz. The 3-4-5 is the worst possible starting hand among any of the highly desirable ace-to-

five combinations of cards, but there really i sn't much diiference between 3-4-5 and A-2-3. Generally any hand that c ontains three cards between an ace and a seven is considered playable for any number of bets on the first r ound of b etting.

The starting requirements for a Razz hand are very easy to remember. Basically, you want t o play all hands that have three cards between an ace and an eight, unless there's a lot of r aising going on right away, i n which case you want to start with a three-card seven or better. Three-card eights s hould be routinely folded when they're up against two players who appear t o have better hands. The time to play a three-card eight that doesn't appear t o be the best hand would be when you're heads up (one on one) in a pot; that way you're trying to outdraw just one player, instead of two. Three-card eights are good "ante-stealing" hands or e ven good hands to reraise an opponent with when you suspect that he's weak.

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