Scotty Nguyen Told Me to Play Only A in OB

In a world championship 08B event at the World Series of Poker in 1996, I asked Scotty Nguyen for some advice on how to play 08B. He suggested a very restrictive strategy: "Bro," he said, "only play hands that include A-2 and you'l be all right." I said, "Are you serious? What about A-A or four high cards in a row, like 9-10-^?" Scotty said, "Trust me, bro." I did trust him, and that day I made it all the way to the final table and eventually wound up finishing in fourth place playing only A-2!

Now that I know what I know about 08B, I would never use that strategy again, but the fact that it worked al that day was pretty remarkable. To me, it shows the power of the A-2. Clearly, I had some good luck along the way that day. Playing only A-2 is j ust t oo tight and predictable a way to play 08B in a tournament or a side game, but it c an be a viable strategy occasionally. Now I always play A-A and four high cards in a row above an eight, in both tournaments and side games, and so does Scotty.

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