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If you are interested, an online poker newsgroup is located at (RGP). RGP has a big voice in the poker world today, a nd the RGP group meets every year t o play poker at the Big August Recreational Gambling Excursion (BARGE) in Las Vegas. I was the keynote s peaker for BARGE in 2001, and I had a great t ime hanging out with t he RGP regulars. Their enthusiasm for poker i s very refreshing and contagious! Imagine poker games spontaneously breaking out on the floor of a room that RGP was renting or poker tournaments with teams of four players e ach!

Often, people wiil s tart t hreads involving poker s trategy that are both iiluminating and interesting to read, and it i s always interesting to me how others think poker hands ought to be played. Other threads talk about the latest r umors concerning players and poker t ournaments. ( Everyone has a voice on RGP, and unfortunately some voices are a little bit t oo loud and negative for my t aste.) One particularly useful t hing you can l earn from

RGP is where the local poker game in your area is played and what t he stakes are. J ust ask! By the way, you'l find that ' 'new-bies" are always welcome at RGP.

One thing I s hould point out i f you are going to visit RGP: not everyone who offers advice really knows what he i s talking about, although people try to make it s ound as if they know a lot. Be cautious about taking advice on RGP as gospel, at least until you figure out who the more trustworthy posters are.

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