Pot Limit Omaha Beginners and Intermediate Strategy

Pot-limit Omaha (PLO) i s the number one game i n Europe right now. It's played in Paris at the Aviation Club de France on the Champs-Elysees. It's played in Vienna at the Concorde Card Casino and the Casinos Austria. It's played in Amsterdam at the Casinos Holland-Amsterdam. I t's played in London, i n Ireland, and all over the United Kingdom. I n fact, at every stop along the European poker tour, including Russia, Finland, S lovenia, Spain, and Germany, P LO is the number one side game. P LO is a game of great s kiil, bluffing, mathematics, and heart. In PLO, one or two good "reads" wiil often make the diiference between winning and losing for any given session. I f you make one good call against someone attempting to bluff, or one successful bluff yourself, i t can make a huge difference i n your results. Do you have the guts t o make a huge bet on the end with nothing? Do you have the guts to call a huge bet on the end with a weak hand? I f you do, then PLO is the game for you!

PLO is dealt j ust l ike l imit Omaha, with everyone receiving four cards facedown to start off the action. Recall also that in Omaha, your final hand must be built from exactly two cards from your hole cards and exactly three from the board's up cards. But in PLO, you can bet the size of the pot on any of the four rounds of betting. This makes for some pretty big pots! In fact, one pot can make or break your whole night. In PLO you must protect your hand by making pot-size bets and forcing your opponents to fold when you have the best hand (or so you've persuaded them). In any pot-limit game, the idea is to put all your money into the pot ( up to the total already in the pot) when you are a huge favorite to win t he pot. ( "All" is much more possible in pot-limit t han in limit.) I deally, i n pot-limit poker, you put i n a small amount of money with the worst hand and a ' 'big ol' " pile of money when you have the best hand! For example, you could call a small prelop raise with|V|-|>| - | have a great lop like JJ - 0 -Iwhere you have lopped the best possible hand), a nd then put a huge amount of money into the pot with your t hree queens.

In this chapter you wiil l earn:

z What you're l ooking to make i n PLO—the best possible hand.

z The best beginners' strategy for PLO. z The best s tarting hands for PLO. z What hands t o avoid in PLO. z How to play A-A-x-x in PLO. z How to play strong hands i n PLO. z Mathematics for PLO on fourth street. z How to bet the size of the pot to protect your hand.

z How to bet the pot when you're bluffing. z How to play the l ast round of betting in PL0.

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