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  1. com (see page 338)
  2. com: A great site that offers many of the same resources as the magazine, but i n an electronic format. You can find many great articles written by some of the best poker writers in the business, including Glazer and myself. There i s also i nformation about where and when upcoming poker tournaments are being held and results from past tournaments. Barry and Jeff Shulman have done a great job with this site and also with Card Player Magazine.
  3. com: More information than you can believe on the game of poker. I f i t's out there, I c an usually find i t at PokerPages, i ncluding tournament r esults, s chedules, online articles, l inks, a nd a sharp "Online Poker School." Tina and Mark Napolitano have done a wonderful j ob with this s ite and they also managed to bring Mike "the Mad Genius" Caro on to help.

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