Playing Small Pairs Terrible Flops

Some flops are so bad for s mall pairs that you should just run for cover, no matter whether you've just called two bets before t he flop or made it t hree bets. I f t he flop comes down Q-K-A, it's time to fold as s oon as possible! Of course, if I had been using my t hree-bet approach I would bet on the flop when it was my turn, o n the off chance that all my opponents might fold their hands, giving me the pot right there. It could also happen that I get called on the flop and then hit my set card on either fourth street or t he river. S uch things are possible. But I would not c all a bet on this flop; I would not call a bet on the turn; I would not call a bet on the river; I would not bet on either f ourth street or the river. All I would do in this case i s make that one bet on the flop when it's my turn to bet.

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