Playing Small Pairs Good Flops

When you have 4-4 in a pot, flops like J --3 or 10-10-2 or 99-3 are good for your hand; there is in fact an excellent chance that your two pair are the best hand at the table at this point. So put in some bets and raises, for two reasons: first, t o find out if you do have the best hand; second, to protect your hand. When you face mixed over cards l ike J -10-3, you're i n trouble, b ut when a big pair lands on the flop, it's much less likely that someone already holds t he key card. For example, i n the J--3 flop, there are only two jacks left in the deck; had the flop come J-10-3, there are six cards—three j acks and three tens—in the deck that would beat you. S o with the J--3 flop, your pocket fours are the best hand unless someone has a higher pair or one of the two remaining jacks (both are unlikely).

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