Playing KQ before the Flop

I t hink we can safely move on now to the play of K-Q before the flop. When you're considering calling a raise with K-Q, pause and consider some more, because most of the time your hand is beaten! In fact, if a mouse were to raise, I would j ust throw this hand away before t he flop. A certain small p ercentage of the time, the first r aiser wiil have A-K or A-Q, i n which case you're i n particularly bad shape! Let's l ook at a quick list o f rules for K-Q:

  1. Never call three bets with K-Q. You j ust don't want to get yourself in too deep with this hand before the flop. If it's three bets to you to go, then you can be almost certain that your hand is beaten, and probably in bad shape.
  2. Always raise it to two bets with K-Q before the lop. Whether someone else has limped in front of you or not, make it two bets to go. Representing hands in Hold'em is a strong way to play poker.
  3. If it's two bets to go to you, then use your best judgment r egarding whether you should call the two bets, raise it t o three bets, or fold. I f a mouse made it two bets, then fold your hand; if anyone else made it two bets, then call; if a j ackal made it two bets, then sometimes you might make it three bets to go (this is more of an advanced play). But what i f an elephant made it two bets t o go and then a mouse called the two bets? Here, too, use your best j udgment. Calling and folding are both OK, b ut when you're on the fence, don't forget to take position into account ( it's a much easier call on or near t he button).

The play of K-Q before the lop is thus relatively simple. Notice t hat it i s almost exactly like playing A-x suited before the lop. The only diiference is that with A-x suited you should call just one bet when there are limpers before the flop, whereas with K-Q you should make it two bets with other limpers. ( When you have A-x suited you're hoping for more opponents.)

Playing before the lop is the easiest part of the "majority play hands" approach. Now it's t ime t o move on to the most difficult part of playing these hands: how to play on the flop.

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