Playing Ax Suited OK Flop

Suppose you've called an elephant's early position raise with on the button. The big blind calls the raise as well, and the flop comes down —-—-[V . Now the big blind bets out and the jackal raises. What do you do? Read, r ead, and read your opponents. I f it were my hand and if I d idn't have a read on my opponents, I would reraise (make it three bets) to find out where I am, especially given that t he raiser was a jackal. Your opponents need to have an overpair or three jacks to have your two pair beaten at this point in the hand. They may have the three j acks, or they may have 6-7 or K-6 or a smaller pair or a flush draw. Raise it in this s pot, unless you have a strong feeling that you're beaten, in which case fold.

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