One World Class Tip from Ted Forrest

This exception to playing three-card sevens is courtesy of Ted Forrest, who is the best Razz player in the world. You can fold a three-card seven when:

  1. It i s two bets t o you, or you have called one bet and it's now two more bets t o call.
  2. It i s a "rough" three-card seven like ( 6-7) 4 or (3-6) 7 or (6-7) 2. ( It's called rough because if you make a seven it wiil be among the worst possible sevens.)
  3. Some of the cards that you need to hit are on the board—for example, an ace and two fives are on the board when you have (7-4) 6.

4 . It appears that two or more players have better starting hands than you.

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