Marginal Flops Pump It or Dump It

Suppose you have and the flop is V -].

This is the kind of flop that I like to bet out into and then decide what I really want to do later, on the basis of my opponent's betting and emotional response. Sometimes, that one bet wiil win the whole pot for me; at other times it wiil get raised and reraised and I'l be forced to fold my hand. If someone else bets out and there are players behind me yet to act, I'l fold my hand right there. After all, this is a pretty weak flop for me. I have only second pair.

If s omeone bets and everyone else folds, then I'l probably fold my hand right there, t oo. S omettmes I 'l call i n this position to see i f a l ow card (to give me a low draw), a heart ( to give me a flush draw), an ace (to give me two pair aces up), or a queen (to give me three queens) comes up. A three or a four would make me two pair and a low draw, but those cards may get me into trouble, because now I have to call a ll the way with my two pair! My thought process with this flop is, "Most of the time I want to win it with one bet, and I'll fold my hand if someone else bets."

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