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I am recommending that you use the "top ten only" strategy when you play online poker at a 10-handed table. The strategy of the "top ten" hands is laid out in Chapter 3 of this book. This strategy is simple, safe, and very effective. Using this strategy should alow you to build up some profits while you play online poker. If I could design a computer program to play my money online, this is the way I would program it.

The reason I recommend this slow strategy is that the online players in small-stakes poker games play so badly that the "top ten" strategy wiil be a big winner i n the l ong haul. There i s no need to get fancy and take big swings up and down with your money online: the patient route wiil smooth out the swings and produce the desired wins. Make sure that you play in games of an appropriate s ize for your bankroll. If you intend to risk $100 online, make sure t hat y ou play no higher than $1-$2 l imit. This way you wiil have 50 big bets to play with, a nd you wiil give the "top ten" strategy a chance t o succeed for you. With 50 big bets, you wiil have a decent shot at turning $100 into a lot more money over 40 hours of p lay using my online s trategy.

However, 50 big bets are stiil not much money in a poker game, and 100 big bets are a much safer amount t o start with. Please do not b e discouraged i f you l ose your i nitial $100 playing the ' 'top ten" strategy. Luck is a big part of poker, a nd although this strategy is a favorite in any online $1-$2 game, s ometimes you can just get unlucky!

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