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Hold'em is a very different game when you are playing it at a table where the maximum is five players. You wiil find that the swings you take in a five-handed game wiil tend to be much bigger than the swings you take at a ten-handed table. Beware of this and understand that it is just the nature of the beast! Five-hand-maximum tables don't e xist right now in the "real world," probably because t he casinos figure t hey have a limited amount of space and need to use it for full-size t ables. Online casinos, of course, face no such limitation.

So this strategy can be used only online or anytime that the online game you're playing in gets down to five hands. At a five-hand-maximum table, we can now add all pairs, any A-x, and "20" (two cards t hat add up to 20 or more) t o the mix of hands we can play before the flop. Of course, I 'm not saying that you can play these additional hands all the time. For example, I wouldn't play 10-J for three bets before the flop. However, you can now call two bets with these types of hands or make it two bets yourself with them. Because you are playing more than three times as many hands before the flop in a five-handed game than in a 10-handed game, y ou may also find five-handed tables a lot more fun, and potentially a lot more profitable.

When you play five-handed poker it is more important to find out where you're at i n a hand on the flop. I cover t his concept very t horoughly in Chapter 3. Also, if you have a hand like

A-K or A-Q you wiil end up calling your opponents down a lot more often when you don't hit your hand, s o you wiil naturally be exposing yourself t o more r isk.

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