Folding Down Your Hand

With a hand of 10-10 you've made it three bets to go over the top of a l ion before t he flop, and two other opponents have called. This means you have four players putting in three bets each. The flop comes up V - V - 4 , the l ion bets, and you raise him, but this time he reraises you (assume that everyone else folds on the flop).

Fourth street is the time to fold this hand. The lion can't be drawing here, because there i s no draw, and you can assume the lion isn't playing 6-7! The j ackal might have 6-7, but the lion

[¡j wouldn't. S o when the l ion bets out again, i nto you, after t he J comes up, for V -V - - , it's time to fold your hand. The lion's response to your raise on t he flop lets you know that he has you beaten! Now act on the information you've paid for, and fold your hand. You may even want t o show the l ion your hand and say, " OK, you win because I fold." Although you are giving away free information when you show your hand in this spot, sometimes t his s ort of ad hoc play encourages your opponent to show you his hand for free ( now or i n some l ater hand), and you may wind up collecting a l ot more free information than you've given away.

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