Folding a Strong High Hand on the

Suppose you have A-3-Q-Q and the board is _V -_V -0-0. I f t here was a ton of betting and raising happening on the flop, it wiil be very hard for you to call o ne bet o n the end. I hear you saying, "But, Phil, there's a lot of money in this pot! Of course I n eed to call o ne bet on the end. I have t op set." To which I respond, " What do you think they were j amming it with on the flop? There was no flush draw, and you were the one with the three queens. If they put in a lot of action, on the flop, in this hand, almost certainly at least one player has A-2 in his hand. I f one of them does have that in his hand, then he just made a wheel on the river!" In fact, that was t he only card you really didn't want t o see on the end, right? I f you call o ne bet here, you may not even lose to an A-2; you might l ose t o another s traight, the 2-6 or the 6-7. Although calling one bet here i sn't a terrible play, because the pot odds are big, you wiil almost certainly do better i n the l ong run by folding your hand in this situation. I t i s never wrong for you to fold when you can't even imagine a hand that your opponent c ould have t hat doesn't b eat you.

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