Now that I've s hown you the key role t hat A-K often plays in no-limit Hold'em events, it's time to set up the next five examples. Here are your six assumptions:

1. You have A-K in the small blind in a $2-$4 game at your house ( someone may win or l ose up to $200, but usually $50-$ 100 wins and losses are to be expected at this limit).

2 . A jackal named Joe makes it $4 to go in the third position.

3. An elephant named Earl calls the $4 on the button.

4 . You reraise, making it $6 to go from the small blind.

5. The big-blind lion named Leo calls the $6 bet.

6 . Joe the j ackal and Earl t he elephant also call t he $6 bet.

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