Buying One More Card but Not

Suppose you've started the hand with (A-4) 5, and now you've caught a queen. Do you call one bet in this case? Yes, you would call one bet, but calling two bets is questionable in this spot. I think it is OK to call two bets in this spot, especially if no one has an ace up. After all, y ou can hit a n ace or queen for a big pair; a two or a t hree t o give you a wheel d raw; or a 6, 7, or 8 to give you a low draw. On the next round of beting, you would fold your hand if you catch a 9, 10, J, or K. I t also depends on how many bets you've called on the opening round and what your opponents' boards suggest t o you. If you suspect that s ome-one has a pair of aces, o r that t wo other players have broken into strong low draws, it's time t o fold for the two bets.

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