Bet Limits and an Extra Round of Betting

In Seven-Card Stud, t here are five rounds of betting, one more than in Hold'em and Omaha. But in larger higher-stakes Stud games, t he betting i s quite s imilar t o that i n Hold'em and Omaha: in each hand there are two bet sizes, and the game is defined by the sizes of the bets established. For example, you might play $10-$20 Stud or $50-$100 Stud. During the first two rounds of betting, in these higher-stakes games, all b ets and raises are i n the smaller increment ( $10 in our $10-$20 game). During the next three r ounds, all b ets and raises are at t he higher i ncrement ( $20 in our $10-$20 game).

Despite what the high-stakes players tend to think, the bread-and-butter games, those that pay the casino's rent, are low-stakes games. In lower-stakes Stud, it is very common to run into spread limits where t he betting options are broader. Probably t he most common form of S tud dealt i n American card rooms is 1-5 Stud, where anyone at almost any t ime can bet anywhere between $1 and $5 ( in $1 amounts—you can't b et s omething l ike $1.47 or even $1.50). I say "almost" any time because once someone has opened a hand for, s ay, $ 3, you can't raise him $1; a raise has to be at least as large as twice the preceding bet.

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