Beginners Strategy for Playing on the River

If you have the best possible hand in one direction and a chance t o win in the other direction as weH, t hen j am on the end in order t o eliminate players, so that you have a better chance to win the whole pot. If you have the luxury of having the best possible high and low hands at t he same time, y ou need to figure out if calling someone else's bet wiil win more money for you than raising would. I f c ailing wiil allow two other players t o enter the pot, whereas raising would eliminate them, then it's correct to call instead of raise. If only one other player i s yet to act behind you, then it's always r ight to raise, because even i f t hat opponent folds you wiil s tiil get an extra bet from the original bettor. And the player behind you might call anyway. But if you have the second- or t hird-best hand in one direction, you may have to fold it o n the l ast round of betting.

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